Grant will be applied to increase students’ sustainability awareness via the development of experiential learning cases

Congratulations to UBC Academic Director Dr. Kelleen Wiseman on receiving a 2022 Sustainability Education Grant for her project, case-based learning on the topic of Sustainability in the Agri-Food and Environment Sector.


    Agriculture and food processing contribute to climate change and are affected by climate change. This cause-and-effect element has traditionally been studied in a science-based context. However, if we are to make progress in mitigating climate change and supporting sustainability, this topic must be brought into the business disciplines in an applied and active manner. The funded project focuses on increasing students’ awareness via the development and use of a set of experiential learning cases that underscore the importance of integrating sustainability metrics into the management of agricultural and food processing businesses. Case topics include:

    • Sustainability Entrepreneurship in the Agri-Food and Environment Sector.
    • Incorporating Sustainability Into Operating plans of SMEs in the Agri-Food Sector.
    • Sustainability Reporting in Agri-Food and Environment firms.
    • Competitive Analysis: Assessing Sustainable in Agri-Food and Environment Firms.
    UBC MFRE director sustainability grant
    Dr. Kelleen Wiseman. UBC MFRE Academic Director


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    The UBC Sustainability Education Grant program provides support to faculty members and teams of faculty members to design and build sustainability curricula that offer applied, experiential, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students and diversify sustainability education opportunities for students across campus in all disciplines.


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