Beyond academics the MFRE Masters Degree prepares you for life

The MFRE masters degree provides as comprehensive learning environment that goes beyond academics. In addition to their courses, MFRE students participate en several activities throughout the year that are specifically designed to nurture their professional skills and learning environment. Among these activities are a series of professional workshops, speakers, site visits and networking events.


MFRE workshops professional development
MFRE Workshops

Taught throughout the program, the MFRE Professional Development Workshops help students develop professional skills, polish their communication abilities, and effectively market their abilities to potential employers. These workshops include:

  • Business & Market Research
  • Research Questions & Proposal Writing
  • Online Library Resources
  • Project Management
  • Women in Leadership Roles
  • Resume & Cover Letters
  • Interview Skills
Communication skills
  • Professional Presentations
  • Voice & Public Speaking
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Academic & Business Writing
Data Visualization & Analytics
  • Stata, E Views, Excel
  • Survey Data Analysis
  • Tableau & Alteryx


MFRE speaker series professional development
MFRE Speaker Series

The MFRE speaker series is designed to show a glimpse into the complexities of ‘real world’ food and resource economics issues. It provides a forum in which industry professionals share their experience and interact directly with students.

Through these talks, MFRE students dwelve into real-world applications in different sectors including:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Agri-Tech & Agri-Food
  • Commodity Markets and Trading
  • Government Agency & Policy
  • International & Economic Development
  • Research & Topical Issues
MFRE site visits professional development
Site Visits

Throughout the program students participate in site visits that expose them to the reality of the food and resource sectors. These visits are a perfect opportunity to learn first-hand from industry players and link what they previously learnt in class with real life lessons. Some topics covered in the site visits include:

  • Policy Issues Impacting Business
  • Business Management
  • Production Practices
  • R & D
  • Research Processes
MFRE access and networking professional development
Access to UBC Resources & Networking Opportunities

The MFRE provides students access to specialized resources that can significantly help them boost their career through internships, employment opportunities, continuing graduate studies (PhD) or professional mentoring.These resources include:

  • Comprehensive Network of MFRE Alumni working across Food and Resource sectors in more than 30 countries.
  • Exposure to MFRE partners and contacts working in areas like government agencies, academia, and the private sector.
  • Access to Food and Resource Economics related networking events on-and-off campus.