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Data Analysis

Abdullah Jallow

Research & Data Analyst

Abdullah Jallow is an MFRE alumnus working at world renowned consulting firm KPMG as a Research & Data Analyst. He has also worked for the BC Council of Forest Industries and as an Economic Research Intern for the Central Bank of The Gambia.


Nick Gemperle

Senior Research Analyst

Nick Gemperle, an MFRE alumnus currently employed as a Research Analyst with Ipsos, a world-renowned market research firm. Nick also has a seat on the board of an NGO and is passionate about issues related to sustainable agriculture and climate change.


Jill Smilestone

Statistical Analyst

Jill has experience as a Junior Economist in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and as a Statistical Analyst for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of the Canadian federal government.

Data Analysis

Haokun Lu

Consultant, Data Engineering

Avanade provides IT consulting and services to its clients. As a business analyst I dedicating 40% of of my time to client requirements analysis + solutioning, 40% to test cases and code review, and 20% to support operations and resolve incidents.


Juan Fercovic

PhD Student in Integrated Studies of Land and Food Systems

Data Analysis

Alison Li

Business Intelligence Analyst

Allison also holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance. She is skilled in financial planning and forecasting, corporate finance and investment management as well. She has previous work experience in the banking industry, security firms and NGOs.


Rodrigo Santistevan

Business Analyst and Development / Project Manager

I am a Senior Manager at Regional Recycling, with direct participation in Business Analysis, Marketing and Business Development. We are currently working on ways to improve the overall long term sustainability and modernization of the industry.


Cheenar Shah

Climate Change Adaptation Program Advisor

Cheenar has several years of international development and research experience in multilateral, private and non-governmental spheres with a focus on policy analysis, resource mobilization, stakeholder engagement, and knowledge synthesis.


Aron Kim

Trade Commissioner

I help Canadian businesses expand internationally. My job is to help these businesses meet the right people and gain relevant knowledge in new markets that they aspire to successfully enter.


Christine Bichsel

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Christine is immersed in an Integrated Supply Chain Management training program at the Carlsberg Group. The program comprises a total of 4 rotations over the timespan of 2 years, with both exposure to the markets as well as headquarters.


Alex Li

Investment Banking Analyst

I help clients finance in the Chinese capital market through diverse projects, such as initial public offerings, issuing cooperate bonds, as well as going for mergers and acquisition. The professional knowledge and skills I gained at MFRE determinant in my job.


Xiao Han

PhD Student in Integrated Studies of Land and Food Systems

Xiao pursued her PhD in Environmental Economics in ISLFS after MFRE. Her research studies the impact of air pollution on people’s migration decisions, with particular focus on whether ethnic segregation affects this relationship.

Data Analysis

Blair Baillargeon

Business Intelligence Senior Developer

I am currently an Operations Intelligence, Senior Developer and the technical team lead on our Operations Intelligence team. In my current role I lead, design and develop enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting solutions.


Lauren Smith

Accountability Delegate

Working with the Sierra Leone Red Cross to strengthen Community Engagement and Accountability in emergency response operations by providing support to the Health, Disaster Management, and Communications team to increase their reach and impact


Ishrat Gadhok


Ishrat has professional experience as an Economist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, a Management Consultant at KPMG, and a Trade Policy Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).


Jose David Vera

Head of Special Projects

As Head of Special Projects, José develops new suppliers of fruits and vegetables for TIA supermarkets chain in Ecuador, the third largest in the country. He's part of other projects withing the company such as the waste committee and the development of destination categories.


Ngaio Hotte

Third Party Evaluator

Provides independent review and evaluation of project applications submitted to the Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI) program. Support First Nations in the Pacific Region of Canada as they develop their own commercial fishing enterprises.


Mike Lee


As an economist at the Strategic Policy Branch at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), my main responsibilities include researching policy issues, analyzing economic trends and providing strategic policy advice.