Economics, Policy and Business within Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources and Environment


The MFRE is a unique one year professional masters degree combining Economics, Policy and Business seen from an Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources and Environmental perspective. The program is completed over three terms: the first two comprise rigorous courses in multiple specialization areas; in the third one, you will enhance and consolidate your MFRE experience through a summer graduating project. This project can take the form of research, a consultancy project or an internship.


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MFRE Pillars

Courses in the MFRE are organized into three pillars or knowledge areas, supported by a set of quantitative courses and enriching professional development workshops.

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Valuable Professional Development

Throughout the year, MFRE students participate in activities that develop, nurture and potentiate their professional skills. These activities include voice & speech, writing, and data analysis workshops, as well as seminars by industry figures, site visits, and networking events


MFRE workshops professional development
Acquire a comprehensive skill set

Participate in seminars and workshops addressing relevant issues to acquire a relevant skill set.

MFRE site visits professional development
Enhance hands-on learning

Learn first hand from industry experts during site visits and seminars.

MFRE access and networking professional development
Become part of the network

Become part of the MFRE Alumni Network and make contact with professionals across sectors and nations.


Professional Development




Graduating Project - Term 3

During Term 3 of the MFRE program, students complete a 4-month project where they get to apply the concepts and skills learned in the first two terms. Visit our Graduating Project page to learn more about this hand-on component.

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Entry Summer Program

The Entry Summer Program is a mandatory four-week introductory program that is completed prior to beginning of the academic year. It is delivered on campus only, and takes place during August, leading up to the first term.

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90% of MFRE
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16 specialized
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