Preparing for your Masters Degree

The MFRE Summer Program is a mandatory four-week program that is completed prior the beginning of the academic year. It is delivered on campus by MFRE professors and staff, and takes place during August, leading up to the first term.

The purpose of the MFRE Summer program is to ensure all incoming students have a strong command of microeconomics and statistics plus working knowledge of key statistical/data analysis software prior to starting classes in September. The four-week intensive Summer Program is a fun and rewarding experience and is proven to be highly beneficial for incoming students as it provides an important head start to the course-based academic year where the workload is intense from day one.

All incoming students must attend and complete the MFRE Summer Program, unless they have applied and received an exemption from the MFRE Academic Director.


The Summer Program is comprised of three components:

  • An intensive microeconomics theory course.
  • An orientation to the MFRE program (including field trips).
  • A statistics review.
  • An introduction to R and Stata focusing on economic-based applications.
Summer Program Timeline

Why am I required to take the Summer Program?

  1. Academic Preparation: The MFRE Summer Program serves as a refresher for students who have not taken microeconomics theory and statistics courses for a couple of years and those from universities other than UBC. Note: Almost all students entering MFRE have an 80% or higher mark for Intermediate Microeconomics, and still find benefit in attending the summer program.

  1. MFRE Teaching Style: Upon entering a masters program, almost all students find a significant shift in the pace of teaching, as well as workload. The Summer Program, being taught by the MFRE faculty and staff, introduces the pace, instruction style, and student interactivity that is fundamental to MFRE content delivery.

  2. Cohort Connection: The program provides an opportunity for each new cohort of students to get to know each other, to meet the previous year’s cohort of students, and to meet the faculty and staff who will be guiding them through the MFRE program.

  3. Content Readiness: The Summer Program emphasizes intermediate microeconomics and statistics, but also support skills in Statistics/Data Analysis software, academic and professional writing, MS Excel, Financial Management, and a Capstone project.

  4. Familiarization with Vancouver and Local Industry: The Summer program field trips and workshops helps students from different academic and cultural backgrounds adjust to studying at UBC and living in Vancouver and introduces students to the Vancouver and Fraser Valley local food and resource sectors.


Please review the following FAQ for additional information on the Summer Program: