Preparing for your Masters Degree

*All incoming students must attend and complete the MFRE Summer Program unless they have applied and received an exemption from the MFRE Academic Director.

The MFRE Summer Program is a mandatory four-week program that is completed prior to the beginning of the academic year. It is delivered on campus by MFRE professors and staff, and takes place during August, leading up to the first term.

The purpose of the MFRE Summer program is to ensure all incoming students have a strong command of microeconomics and statistics plus a working knowledge of key statistical/data analysis software prior to starting classes in September.


The four-week intensive Summer Program is a fun and rewarding experience and is proven to be highly beneficial for incoming students as it provides an important head start to the course-based academic year where the workload is intense from day one.

The MFRE Summer Program is comprised of four components:

  1. MFRE Microeconomics Theory Course: This intensive course, which is taught by FRE faculty members, provides a refresher of the theory and models which are most highly connected to the Term 1 course.
  2. MFRE Math and Statistics Review: This intensive course provides a refresher of the math/stats fundamentals most relevant to the MFRE courses and provides ongoing opportunities to practice applying these via a set of case studies.
  3. MFRE Software Tools and Applications Bootcamp: The summer boot camp covers data access/visualization and coding for economic analysis using R and Python as these are the main programming languages used in the MFRE program. In addition, the Advanced Excel Bootcamp presents financial worksheet development, formatting, and advanced commands/functions. ​​​​​​
  4. Capstone: This event will allow students to synthesize and demonstrate the skills they have gained during the MFRE Summer Program, especially as they relate to practical applications of economics, math/stats, and software skills. Equally important, students will participate in sector-specific discussion panels and learn aspects of professionalism, networking, and time management.


Please review the following FAQ for additional information on the Summer Program: