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    A panel discussion of career paths, challenges, & opportunities

    Kimblery J. Ross | Karen Taylor

    Financing in the Agriculture & Agri-Business Sector: A panel discussion of career paths, challenges, & opportunities. Karen Taylor, PhD, MBA, P.Ag. Director, Corporate Finance, Agriculture & Agri-Business, BMO Bank of Montreal.

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    Food Stash: Fighting waste and filling pantries

    Carla Pellegrini , Food Stash Foundation - Executive Director

    Carla Pellegrini Food Stash Foundation - Executive Director December 3, 2021   |   3:00pm - 5:00pm

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    Climate is Eating Everything

    Justin Bull , Sustainability & Ethics Group

    Climate is Eating Everything Justin Bull  Sustainability & Ethics Group

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    Supply Chain Management & Analytics in Food Processing

    Rohit Subramanian , Deloitte Consulting - Strategy & Analytics

    Rohit Subramanian Deloitte Consulting Strategy & Analytics November 19, 2021 | 3:00pm - 5:00pm UBC Vancouver Campus Room MCML 160

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    Economic & Policy Analysis in the BC Forestry Sector

    Kurt Niquidet , Economist at BC Council of Forest Industries

    Kurt Niquidet joined COFI as Vice President and Chief Economist in May 2019.  He also is currently an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. Kurt was born in Williams Lake, British Columbia.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in forestry from UBC, a master’s degree in economics from the University of Victoria and a Ph.D.

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    Canadian Supply Management: An Economist's view

    James Vercammen - Rick Barichello - Sumeet Gulati , UBC Land and Food Systems

    A view into the Canadian Supply Management practices, such as the pertinent to the dairy industry. An Economist's point of view by  UBC professors James Vercammen, Rick Barichello, and Sumeet Gulati.

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    Yves Veggie Cuisine and Gardein Protein International

    Yves Potvin , Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

    A native of Quebec, Yves Potvin is an award-winning pioneer in the food industry. Yves has been recognized with numerous awards in Canada and abroad. He serves on the board of advisors for the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the BC Ministry of Agriculture.

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    Asian Development Bank in Agribusiness

    Suzanne Gaboury , Private Sector Operations - Department Asian Development Bank

    Suzanne holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the National University of Ireland, Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Dublin, Ireland and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Alberta, and has completed Harvard Business School Executive education.

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    Cultivating Prosperity in BC Agriculture and Agri-Food

    Michelle Koski , Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF) - Executive Director

    This new vision will see the creation of an IAF Trust and the development of unique IAF programs aimed at addressing challenges and opportunities in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors.

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    The Future of Sustainable Food Businesses Marketing

    Lindsay O'Donnell , Piquant Marketing - Founder & Director

    Lindsay O'Donnell is the founder and owner of Piquant Marketing, a Vancouver based digital marketing agency that specializes in health food. She he found her calling working with small food businesses wanting to change the world.

Explore the complexities of food and resource economics issues.

Open to the general public. Come join us!

The MFRE speaker series is part of the MFRE professional development program and is designed to show a glimpse into these complexities and ‘real world’ food and resource economics issues. Join us to learn more about how exciting technological progress, global environmental pressures and unprecedented demographic changes are rapidly reshaping the world’s food and natural resources systems.


The speakers series aims to cover two main topics:




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Food & Agribusiness

Provides students with the opportunity to interact with key industry experts from the food and agribusiness sector and learn about industry opportunities & trends, or the challenges in running an Agri-Food entrepreneurial business.




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Resource & Environment

Provides an opportunity to interact with a range of people either influencing environmental policy, or shaping the natural environment through their activities. Guests are typically government officials, industry leaders, pioneers in resource management, academics or NGO representatives.


Examples of previous speakers include: