Upcoming Speakers
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    Research Methods for Development Projects: Insights for the Field

    Krisha Lim , International Care Ministries

    Krisha Lim is passionate about data and development and has worked in various poverty alleviation organizations in the last 8 years. As the Director of Impact at International Care Ministries (ICM), she manages a portfolio of research projects aimed at generating evidence to improve ICM’s programs.

Past Speakers
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    Economic & Policy Analysis in the BC Forest Sector

    Kurt Niquidet , BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) - Vice President and Chief Economist

    Kurt Niquidet joined the BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI) as Vice President and Chief Economist in May 2019.

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    Sole Food: Transforming Urban Space Into Street Farms

    Heather Farmer & Alain Guy , Sole Food Street Farms

    Sole Food Street Farms is an internationally recognized social enterprise that transforms vacant urban land into street farms.

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    ESG Principles in the Agri-Food Sector: Current Initiatives and Challenges

    Matt Livingston

    About the Speaker:

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    Circular Economy with Susgrainable

    Marc Wandler , Susgrainables

    Founded in 2018, Susgrainable aims to be the leader within Canada's upcycled food space.

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    Economic Pathways to a Sustainable Climate and Environment

    Sumeet Gulati - Rashid Sumaila - Jonathan Proctor - Josephine Gantois , UBC

    Economic Pathways to a sustainable Climate and Environment: A panel discussion with UBC Environmental and Resource Economists

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    Panel: Economic Solutions for a Sustainable Future

    Kelleen Wiseman, Jim Vercammen, Karen Taylor, Rick Barichello , UBC

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    Westberry Farms and the BC Blueberry Industry

    Parm Bains , Westberry Farms

    Parmjit Bains co-founded Westberry Farms- a processor/packer of blueberries that now markets fresh, frozen, and other blueberry products globally - and grew the enterprise into a leading blueberry operation, widely recognized for its exceptional products and sustainable practices.

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    Sustainable Indoor Commercial Vertical Farming

    Bahram Rashti , CEO and Co-Founder | Fresh Green Farms and UP Vertical Farms

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    The Journey of Yoggu! Through the Plant- Based Yogurt Business

    Jade Herrmanann , CEO and Founder| Yoggu

    Yoggu! A plant-based yogurt manufacturing company based in Coquitlam, BC. Her vision is to build Yoggu! as a force for good - creating nourishing food for all as well as using business as a means to create positive impact in the world

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    Revolutionizing the Dairy Industry with Sustainable Plant-Based Alternatives

    Sunny & Vanita Gurnani , Co-founders, Plant Veda

Explore the complexities of food and resource economics issues.

Open to the general public. Come join us!

The MFRE speaker series is part of the MFRE professional development program and is designed to show a glimpse into these complexities and ‘real world’ food and resource economics issues. Join us to learn more about how exciting technological progress, global environmental pressures and unprecedented demographic changes are rapidly reshaping the world’s food and natural resources systems.


The speaker series aims to cover two main topics:
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Food & Agribusiness

Provides students with the opportunity to interact with key industry experts from the food and agribusiness sector and learn about industry opportunities & trends, or the challenges in running an Agri-Food entrepreneurial business.

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Resource & Environment

Provides an opportunity to interact with a range of people either influencing environmental policy, or shaping the natural environment through their activities. Guests are typically government officials, industry leaders, pioneers in resource management, academics or NGO representatives.

2023 / 2022 speakers:
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