1. Applying Master’s Degree Knowledge In The Food Industry: MFRE Partners With Lita’s Mexican Foods As the last step in her masters degree, MFRE student Claire Xia completed her Graduating Project with Lita’s Mexican Foods, during which she developed tools for assessing financial feasib

  2. MFRE Professor Dr. Sumeet Gulati spent time abroad in order to better understand the realities faced by his research subjects, specifically farm managers in India who experience conflict with wildlife.

  3. This summer, three MFRE students will complete their Graduating Project with Vancouver Farmers Markets to convert raw historical data into useful information, develop and analyze surveys, and study the impact of phasing our single-use plastics.

  4. The world’s current uncertainty has not stopped MFRE students from securing highly interesting Graduating Projects in government agencies related to Food and Resource Economics. This summer, several MFRE students are completing Graduati

  5. The UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems will co-author the renowned Canada’s Food Price Report together with the report’s leader, Dr.

  6. The Covid-19 pandemic has made 2020 a challenging year for most human activities, including academics. The MFRE program has responded to this new reality by adapting it’s activities to distant learning methods. The Graduating Projects, a pillar of the program, has been no exception.  

  7. Dr. Rick Barichello analyzes how even though global trade will continue to fall during the pandemic, agricultural trade will be less affected, due to food being a necessity.

  8.   This summer, MFRE students are contributing to mitigate the current global pandemic by performing research on COVID-19 related topics for their Graduating Project.