1. In his course, Global Food and Resource Governance, Dr. Margulis develops students’ understanding of the international policy making process and equips them with essential tools for assessing the efficacy, fairness, and legitimacy of global policies and governance arrangements. To further explore the course and the subject of global food and resource governance, Dr. Margulis answered the following questions for us.

  2. Dr. Taylor Contributes Years of Valuable Banking and Agribusiness Experience to the MFRE Dr. Karen Taylor is a director of Corporate Finance at BMO Financial Group. She teaches Agribusiness Management at the UBC Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) and holds a Ph.D.

  3. The Food prices in Canada are going up — again. Canada’s Food Price Report 2023 forecasts an overall food price increase of 5% to 7% for the coming year, the highest predicted increase in food prices since the inception of the report twelve years ago.

  4. Nishant leverages his personal and professional experience to familiarize MFRE students with key derivatives commodity trading strategies. Nishant Kalia brings several years of experience to the MFRE program in derivatives trading and investment research for commodities such as sugar, coffee,

  5. As the pandemic stretched over a year into summer 2021, many businesses continued to face significant challenges; the restaurant industry was no exception. Restaurants and café’s continued to endure staffing difficulties, cash flow concerns, and increased costs to operate during a global pandemic.

  6. A review of agricultural labour policy reform in the United States. MFRE student Candice Kong completed her graduating project with the Oppenheimer Group (Oppy), during which she was responsible for conducting a revi

  7. Grant will be applied to increase students’ sustainability awareness via the development of experiential learning cases Congratulations to UBC Academic Director Dr.

  8. From a UBC Sustainability Scholar with the City of Vancouver, to a successful Sustainability Consultant. Beyond MFRE is a series of interviews focusing on alumni and their life after our masters degree.