A review of agricultural labour policy reform in the United States.

MFRE student Candice Kong completed her graduating project with the Oppenheimer Group (Oppy), during which she was responsible for conducting a review of agricultural labour policy reform in the United States.


Oppy, a Canadian company, is a leading grower, marketer, and distributor of fresh produce in North America. In light of proposed agricultural labour policy changes in the United States, Oppy partnered with UBC MFRE for a graduating project intended to evaluate the implications of these changes and aid in the development of response strategies for the company.

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Candice Kong is a 2021 UBC MFRE Alumni

The project was led by MFRE student Candice Kong, who was responsible for assessing the potential impact of the policy changes in the state of California specifically, the largest source of fruit imports by Oppy and a leader in agricultural employment in the United States. To carry out the project, the student reviewed the legislation and used relevant empirical research on the included measures to draw conclusions about the implications for farm labour supply and agricultural production as a whole in California. Based on these findings, the student then developed recommendations for Oppy to adapt to the market changes implied by the legislation.

The project ultimately provided Oppy with a framework to help guide them in making proactive strategy decisions, while the student had the opportunity to work on a key issue facing the industry, develop their skills in a professional context, and work with and present to the Oppy leadership team. This partnership provides another great example of the mutual benefit that graduating projects can offer to stakeholders.