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Assessing product feasibility and managing inventory

Lita's Mexican Food
Claire Xia
Claire developed a model for estimating the impact of future product launches on important financial indicators such as sales and cash flow. Additionally, she developed an inventory management system for categorizing raw ingredients, purchasing cycles, and organization into final products

Sustainability and Financial Assessment

Kindred Cultures
Vincci Zheng
Kindred Cultures Inc is a female-led business that manufactures water kefir, a probiotic-rich drink. Vincci was responsible for conducting analysis and providing recommendations concerning their B-Corp. readiness and cost-efficiency.

Opportunities for Mexico in the BC Asian Vegetable Market

Dania Romero Mata.
Dania and ProMexico quantify and valuate the market for Asian vegetables in British Columbia in terms of market penetration, volume, value, and price in order to help Mexican producers penetrate the BC market.

Waste Reduction in British Columbia

VanCity Credit Union
Debbie Oyenuga
Examines and compares the type and total amount of waste generated, disposed and diverted, at the national, provincial, regional district and municipal levels in order to recommend people and governments to avoid them.

Safety Regulations & Standards Documentation for BC Commissaries Kitchens

BC Food Processors Association
Espoir Tuyisenge
Developed a unique safety guidelines document for commissary kitchens in British Columbia. Based on primary and secondary research, including interviews with the provincial government and regional health authorities.

Competitive Analysis and Business Development

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
Candice Zhang and Carolina Rodrigues Cunha
This project provides a review of PICA’s current position, market landscape, and revenue-generating strategies to map a range of competitor types and leverage the results to develop a feasibility analysis of new services or courses.

Measuring the Value of Vancouver’s Circular Economy of Food

Vancouver Economic Comission
Dionissios Batistatos
This research lays out a consensus-based, inclusive approach to establishing a sustainable food-ecosystems policy in Vancouver. By applying an analytical hierarchy process to group decision-making, it offers a policy development strategy for a regenerative local food system.

Repair, Reuse, Share: Zero Waste in the City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver
Goodness Adesokan
Pursuant to Vancouver’s goal of becoming a zero-waste city by 2040, this project provides and analyzes an inventory of share-reuse-repair city assets. It then then provides research and policy recommendations for zero-waste activities to local government and businesses.

Customer Experience Co-op

TD Canada Trust
Becky Li
This partnership with TD Canada Trust included co-op placement that helped establish familiarity with TD’s day-to-day operations, and a financial & market analysis project that linked this direct experience to high-level insights into the banking industry and investment markets.

Consumption-Based Carbon Accounting

Statistics Canada
Jake Abbot
Together with the UN Sustainable Development Goals team at Statistics Canada, this project furthers the implementation of a set of national indicators that measure Canada’s progress toward sustainable development

Data Management: The World's Largest Baking Company

Bimbo Canada Ltd.
Hanyu Wang
Due to recent acquisitions and customer-base growth, Bimbo Canada must revise the legal territory maps included in its franchisee contracts. This project provides renewed property mapping based on up-to-date customer data, with a final deliverable of 450 maps.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Proposed Federal Regulations

Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Jill Smilestone
In collaboration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s economic affairs team, this co-op term involved determining and assessing the costs and benefits of proposed federal regulations pertaining to food safety, and animal and plant health.

The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Voting Bias in the Football Ballon d’Or

UBC Vancouver
Jerry Liu
Using infographics and fixed-effect models and regressions, this research explores the existence of voting bias in the Football Ballon d’Or award and explores possible contributing factors, including cultural, social, and geographic variables.

How Canadian Metropolitan Areas Differ in Household CO2 Emissions.

Juan Fercovic
This project provides an estimate of the expected direct greenhouse gas emissions for an average Canadian household in 17 census metropolitan areas. It includes emissions from the consumption of gasoline, natural gas and electricity.

An Assessment on the Customers’ Journey

Nada Grocery
Chelsea Zhang
This project conducted with Nada Grocery, assesses customers’ preferences via market research, including in-store customer feedback, and face-to-face interviews and surveys, in order to understand what works and doesn't work in figure the customer shopping journey.

Statistical Methods to Analyze Donated Product's Nutritional Facts

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Kevin Elsaputra
In this project Kevin employs statistical methods to efficiently and accurately analyze the products that the GVFB receives based on characteristics such a nutritional facts.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Animal Feed in Mexico

Alvaro de la Viña

Automatizing Recipe Costing

Potluck Catering
Olivier Ntwali
Using financial and market data, this project categorizes customers to understand density cost contribution of recipes in order to build an automated recipe costing and pricing tool to adequately explore and understand cost minimization strategies.

Food Brand Awareness and a push to Global Markets

Granola Girl
Athena Lu
This project developed brand awareness strategies to increase sales in Canadian markets and support the company's expansion to global markets.

Data Analysis of Lumber Futures Trading Strategies

Olympic Industries
Will Hao
With Olympic Industries I developed a lumber trading strategies discovering system based on historical data analysis and forecasting models building.