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    What is the MFRE Graduating Project?

    The Graduating Project is the final component of the MFRE program and takes place during Term 3 (May to August). It is a 6-credit courses designed to give students a professional learning experience. During this 4 months, students complete a project in which they apply the concepts and skills they’ve acquired in their courses during Terms 1 and 2. Towards the end of the project students submit a set of deliverables and present their results in a public presentation to a panel of Faculty Members, Project Partners and Alumni.

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      A high-quality professional learning experience

      Students get the chance to apply the knowledge and skills they've acquired, and in turn, Project Partners receive high quality deliverables. The graduating project benefits students by:

      • Providing all students an opportunity to apply their knowledge into the real world.
      • Providing a unique 3-month opportunity to fully immerse into knowledge areas or subjects students are passionate about.
      • Helping younger students transition into the workplace.
      • Helping students with work experience transition into a new role or new industry.


      Student and Project Partners are fully supported throughout the project


      Students manage their project with support from UBC faculty and MFRE experts based on the Project Partner objectives.

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          What is a Project Partner?

          A Project Partner is any organization that has agreed to provide a Graduating Project and work with the student toward its completion. These organization can be from the public, private or academic sector, including:

          • Entrepreneurs, Startups & Established Companies
          • Consulting Firms
          • Government Agencies
          • NGO's
          • Universities


          Graduating Project Formats

          Graduating Projects can take 3 forms:

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          Download 2017 - 2023 Graduating Projects List [PDF]



          Graduating Project Timeline


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          Skill-set and Academic Knowledge




          Strong Quantitative and Business Skills


          Evidenced-based Decision Making Processes




           Academic-based Research Skills


          Economic Assessment



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            Project Partners and Counting

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            Graduating Projects Completed

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            Major Industries to which MFRE Students have Contributed

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