Event details
  • Friday October 07, 2022 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm (Vancouver)
  • Room MCML 160
About the Speaker

Sumeet Gulati, Professor at UBC with the Food and Resource Economics (FRE) group

Sumeet Gulati is a professor at The University of British Columbia with the Food and Resource Economics (FRE) group. His research interests include the economics of wildlife conservation, the economics of urban transportation, and the effectiveness of environmental policy. Dr. Gulati's wildlife conservation research focuses on estimating the cost of conflict with wildlife to farmers living in proximity of wildlife reserves in India.  This includes direct damages from conflict: lost crops and livestock, human injury and death. It also includes indirect costs from not being able to grow the crops they would like to, or from having to alter their portfolio of livestock they herd (and other measures taken to lower conflict). o review Dr. Gulati's conservation economic projects: Go to the Wildlife and Conservation Economics LaboratoryImage removed.

Dr. Gulati teaches Environmental Economics and Policy courses of FRE 526 and FRE 527 in the MFRE masters program