Boosh Plant-based Brand from Start-Up to Growth & Capital Raise Stage

Connie Marples; Boosh Founder & President

Connie Marples has been receiving food-oriented awards for over 20 years and continues to win awards with Boosh, where she’s driving plant-food innovation and setting a standard of high quality and healthy frozen meals. Her foray into the food industry was not by chance, as she has always enjoyed sharing new recipes and healthier alternatives with family and friends for years. She would often deliver frozen or hot meals within her close circle who encouraged her to expand her great flavours to a broader audience.  This led her to create small batches in her tiny kitchen and distributed weekly to local customer all over Greater Vancouver. The experience was invaluable as the locals, inspired by her desire to provide healthier meat alternatives, offered valuable feedback, which helped in the growth and expansion phase of Boosh. What started as making dishes for friends in a tiny kitchen in Vancouver has grown to a publicly traded company with Boosh Food in grocery stores all over Canada. America is next.

Event details
  • Friday February 3rd, 2023 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm PT (Vancouver)
  • UBC Room MCML 160