Tuition & Fees

Tuition fees for the full-year MFRE program beginning in 2019/20 are as follows:
UBC Credentials:Masters in Food and Resource Economics (MFRE)
Program Location:Vancouver, BC
Program Length:12 Months, Full-time
Program Start / End:September – August (Plus August Summer Program)
Tuition*$22,230 CAD for domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents)
$44,800 CAD (approx. $33,700 US) for international students.
*Tuition fees cover the entire 12-month period required to complete the program (September through August). Tuition is divided into three equal installments due in September, January and May.
Additional fees
In addition to tuition fees all students must pay the following:

Summer Program$700 CAD for domestic and international students.
UBC student fees1$993 CAD/ year.
AMS/GSS Extended
Health Plan2
$244.69 CAD/ year.

1UBC student fees: includes mandatory transit U-Pass fee. Student fees are charged in three equal installments along with tuition fees.
2AMS/GSS Extended Health Plan: You must pay your AMS/GSS Extended Health Plan fee in full in January. There are opt-out provisions for students with equivalent personal insurance. All international students new to Canada must also pay an annual $180 i-Med fee (payable in full in January)

You can read more about these fees on the UBC Graduate Students website.
Cost of living calculator
This tool helps you assess your costs during your time at UBC. UBC students typically spend between $1200–$1500 monthly in living expenses. Calculate an estimate of living expenses here.

Important considerations
In the very unusual case of a student needing to take a course in the subsequent academic year to complete the requirements for the MFRE degree, they would be required to pay their full regular installment for tuition and student fees.

Although the tuition levels are higher, the overall costs of completing the MFRE degree could well be lower than research degrees that require a thesis and take longer to complete.

Tuition levels for the MFRE degree are consistent with other related professional master’s programs at UBC and at other Canadian and American universities, such as Master of Agribusiness, MBA and Master of Management degrees.
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