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The MFRE program is a one year, full-time professional master’s program. The programs’ sole intake is September of each academic year. Prospective students must meet both the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum standards for admission and MFRE program specific entry requirements.


  • January 1 for domestic and international students
  • The MFRE office will continue to accept applications after the January 1 deadline, however please note that:
    • There is no guarantee that late applications will be be reviewed and considered by the admissions committee.
    • Late applicants may not be considered for scholarships and awards.

Application process

Before applying, you should ensure that you meet the minimum background and standards described below under point 3. Eligibility Requirements. Note that the minimum background and standards defined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies are required in order to apply to the MFRE program. Meeting these minimums does not guarantee that you will be admitted to the program, they just mean that you are eligible to apply.

We strongly advise you to submit your application as early as you can, ideally in October or November. Applying early gives you more time to fill in any gaps in your application, so that you can be sure your application is complete by January 1. It takes just one missing item, such as a letter of reference or a TOEFL score, to hold up your application. This is especially important for international students, as submitting your application early allows you more time to obtain your study permit and visa. The later you apply, the less chance you have of securing a position in the MFRE program.

January 1 is the deadline for all applications to graduate degree programs in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. However, because the MFRE is still relatively new, some prospective students do not discover the program until after the deadline. So, for the special case of MFRE, the Faculty continues to accept applications after the January 1 deadline.

The completed applications we do receive by January 1 are forwarded to the MFRE admissions committee for review and an admission decision. Not until all of these applications have been reviewed will the admissions committee review applications received after January 1. So, submitting your application on time means you will be in the first group of students to be considered for admission, as well as for MFRE scholarships and awards. If you apply later, it means you can only be considered for scholarships and awards that have not already been given out.

All students that have their applications complete by the January 1 deadline will hear the MFRE decision by February 8, 2019. Some applicants will be taking courses after the January 1 deadline in order to raise their grade point average or to eliminate gaps in their academic background. If this applies to you, you should still complete your application by the January 1 deadline and the MFRE decision will be put on hold until grades for these courses have been received. For students who find out about the MFRE program late, or have their applications held up by a missing item, please contact the program with your questions at

Do you have questions about your specific case? Visit our FAQ page. If you still have additional questions, please fill out this form and email it to

The MFRE program offers highly competitive tuition fees in relation to comparative professional programs at similarly ranked universities. Please review our Tuition fees and financial support options to learn more.

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To be admitted, you must meet both the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum standards for admission and MFRE program-specific entry requirements. Please review our eligibility requirements.

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Download our Application Checklist for an easily guided application process.


Review steps before you apply.

  • Have you read the Important Considerations?
  • Have you review the Tuition & Financial Aid?
  • Have your reviewed Eligibility Requirements?
  • Have you completed your Application Checklist?

If you answered YES to the above 4 questions you are ready to apply online!

If you haven’t complete one of the steps use the links to research what you might be missing from your application.

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After Submissions Once we have received your completed application, it will be evaluated by both the MFRE admissions committee and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In addition to your grades, the evaluators will take into account your academic background and references, English language capability, work experience, extra-curricular activities and other factors that can contribute to your success in the MFRE program. You will be notified of an admission decision by late January or early February via email/letter. Accepting an Offer of Admission If you are accepted to the MFRE program, you will receive a formal letter of admission from UBC and a Welcome Letter from the program. To confirm your acceptance you must:
  • Formally accept your offer of admission on the Graduate Studies Online Application system
  • Submit a non-refundable deposit
  • Send your official transcripts to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office
  • Fulfill any other conditions described in your offer of admission

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