Masters of Food and Resource Economics Grad Showcase

Goodly Foods Project on Financial Viability and Inventory Management

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, Vancouver

Adam Zefang & Zoe Ding

Developed long-term financial viability analysis and forecasting materials to support the expansion of “Goodly: Surplus Food Processing Project” of The Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB). The study includes two independent parts: financial analysis, and inventory management.

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Consumer Behavior Analysis – An Assessment on Customers’ Preference

Nada Grocery, Vancouver

Chelsea Zhang

Assessed customers’ preference via market research including in-store customer feedback, face to face interviews and surveys in order to understand what did and did not work well during the entire customer shopping journey. Determined what sort of pain points each person has and the potential opportunities to improve.

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How do Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas Differ in the CO2 Emissions Produced by a Standardized Household?

UBC, Vancouver

Juan Fercovic

Provided an estimate of the expected direct greenhouse gas emissions for an average Canadian household in 17 census metropolitan areas.The study includes emissions from the consumption of gasoline, natural gas and electricity.

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Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA) of a Riparian Rehabilitation in Alderson Creek

UBC-O, Kelowna & Alderson Creek

Vilma Calvopiña

Assessed the economic efficacy of a riparian restoration in the Alderson Creek while identifying the costs and benefits to adopt Beneficial Management Practices leading to environmental improvement in the watershed.

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Agriculture Services Associate

TD Canada Trust, Abbotsford

Sean Bing

Assisted clients with their business plans and offered customized financial solutions that met the needs of their individual operations within the agribusiness sector. Provided assistance to the relationship manager with property appraisal, financial, risk, and security analysis.

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Economic Impact of a Tanker Spill in Burrard Inlet

Fisheries Economics Research Unit (FERU) at the UBC Fisheries Centre, Vancouver

Harmony Bjarnason

Provided an assessment of the potential economic cost of a hydrocarbon spill in the Burrard Inlet on five key ocean-dependent economic activities within the City of Vancouver in order to inform the National Energy Board’s (NEB) assessment of the potential costs and benefits of the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP).

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Planning for Profit Series: BC Hops

BC Ministry of Agriculture, Abbotsford and UBC Vancouver

Weijia Xie

Developed a market analysis and production guide for the BC Ministry of Agriculture to understand the current market for BC grown Hops and to support the Hops industry in BC. The report includes an excel model of the cost-production of Hops for industry specialists and local growers to use as a template for Hops production.

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Econometric Analysis on US Strawberry Prices for Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer, Vancouver

Olivia Ciawan

Conducted an exploratory analysis which identifies the factors that will influence Strawberry prices for Oppenheimer. The study also explores factors which can be used to develop a significant predictive model of U.S. Strawberry prices.

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Opportunities for Traceability: Malt Barley

Farm At Hand, Vancouver

Joel Bokenfohr

Explored the opportunities for traceability in grain and oilseed production with a specific focus on Malt Barley. The project aims to make recommendations on how to adapt Farm At Hand’s technology to assist with this process.

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Regulatory barriers to commercializing hydrogen internal combustion

Integra Clean Tech Consulting, Vancouver

Teresa Hao

Investigated regulatory and policy gaps in Canada relating to hydrogen usage in transportation and hydrogen internal combustion technology by conducting secondary research and literature review.

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Nowcasting Total Livestock Receipts in Canada

Farm Credit Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan

Blair Baillargeon

His project was motivated by the need to update Farm Credit Canada’s projections to inform internal stakeholders of changes in the economic environment. The resulting model forecasts livestock receipts on a nearly continuous basis.

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Application of Lean Manufacturing for Canada Kaiser Investment & Trading

Canada Kaiser Investment & Trading Ltd., Vancouver

Yiyi Dong

Explored the application of LEAN manufacturing principles to the entire process chain at Canada Kaiser. The report aims to integrate the philosophy of eliminating waste and the continuous seek of perfection in LEAN manufacturing to projects, and to improve efficiency of the management system.

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M&E Framework for TWSB School Garden Project


Aboubakar (Ally) Sekora

Developed a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan which is focused on improving child nutrition and education through the promotion of the school garden program in Eastern Uganda.

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Field Study of Crystal Guava in Indonesia: Project Monitoring and Evaluation for Timely Responses Report

Bogor, Indonesia

Sheng Kang (Harry)

Applied METR methodology including measuring its efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability to the Indonesian guava project in the village of Desa Cikarawang, Bogor, Indonesia. In addition, recommendations to stakeholders to improve the project operation and to achieve optimal outcomes for the existing and future guava projects were developed.

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Impact of the Foreign Buyer’s Tax on Real Estate Prices in Greater Vancouver

UBC, Vancouver

Jun Shu Zhang (Elvis)

Evaluated the effectiveness of the foreign buyer’s tax on the real estate market in Greater Vancouver using quantitative analysis methods.

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How Does Agricultural Income Growth Contribute to Child Nutrition Outcomes? Evidence from China


Yujing (Megan) Song

Explored the link between household income and child nutrition outcome through micro-level analysis, with special attention paid to the agricultural sector. The report uses panel data from four survey waves of China’s CNHS to conduct pooled cross-sectional and child fixed-effect analysis.

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Internship in Markets, Economics and Policy Department at IFDC

IFDC, Alabama

Konami Aoyama

Estimated key cost elements that constitute fertilizer retail prices in Tanzania and trends in Tanzania fertilizer prices, consumption and maize production over time with and without subsidy, using a cost build-up analysis and time-series econometrics techniques

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The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Voting Bias in the Ballon d’Or

UBC, Vancouver

Hanjun Lu (Jerry)

Utilized data from 2010 to 2017 and methods of infographics, fixed-effect models and regressions to discover the existence of voting bias in the Ballon d’Or and to explore possible factors contributing to it.

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Market Analysis for a Restaurant of Bench 1775 Winery

Bench 1775, Vancouver & Penticton

Yan Zhou

Explored the potential opportunity for the operation of wine dining in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. The market analysis focuses on identifying the most suitable and effective way to bring this restaurant to the local community and establish interest, knowledge and prolong growth.

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Analysis of Agricultural Trade between Canada and Indonesia

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Sheryl Li

The project investigated agricultural trade between Canada and Indonesia, with the focus on two key commodities, wheat and rubber. Developed import demand and export supply models to identify traders’ sensitivity to price changes.

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Drought and Cheese

UC Davis Agricultural Issues Center, California

Zeng Zhu

Evaluated the impacts of the recent California drought on the state’s agricultural economy. The study simulates rise in water prices and measures the increase in production cost.

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