Current Students

Jake Abbott
I attended Dalhousie University where I received my BSc in Biology & Sustainability in 2016 studying human impact on plant community structure. Since 2016 I have worked as a carpenter, and an equipment manager/field technician for an environmental consulting company. I am currently working as a planner for a rooftop farm and community market in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. I joined MFRE to open my career prospects up to advisory roles in the natural resource industry. I hope to graduate and work towards integrating sustainable and science-based harvest practices with profit maximizing models of harvest. I enjoy getting out of the city, seeing live music, and learning new things.

Goodness Adesokan
Goodness Eniola, Adesokan is an agriculture enthusiast, economist and a young, exciting, lady from Ibadan, Nigeria. A graduate of the Federal University of Technology Akure where she studied Agricultural Resource and Economics. She explored her passions as the Assistant Farm Manager at Tolutito Farms, Ibadan and at His Grace Parks and Gardens, Irra, Kwara State as Supervisor. Goodness believes the MFRE course structure will help her develop skill sets in advanced economics, business analysis tools, and industry-focused food resource management. Over the years, she has sustained immense academic and practical interest in the economics of food consumption, econometrics, and resource management. She desires to continue to pursue this lifelong interest by going for her PhD, in research and value-based industry engagement. At her leisure, she delights in travelling, reading, playing Scrabble and cooking local cuisines.

Dionissios Batistatos
I am Dionissios Alexandros Batistatos. Most of my friends call me Alex, and some inclined for elocution (or are Greek) call me Dionissios. My undergraduate studies began in the Theology & Philosophy department of McGill but curiosity led me to conclude them with an honors degree in International Development and Philosophy. The sociological, land and resource dimensions of economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa were the main focus of my final years at McGill. After graduation and a brief stint as a tree planter in the Canadian bush, I moved back to Greece to document and research the ongoing economic and migration debacle the country struggles with. Around this time my brother and I acquired a grant from the University of Michigan to develop a business called Viro. We work with olive oil producers in, Kalamata, Greece, to develop their business and social returns to the community. My motivation in undertaking the MFRE is to deepen my understanding of food and resource economics as a tool for sustainable development, learn from experts in the field and connect with inspiring people working on interesting projects. While I am open to the idea of pursuing a PhD in Economics I am also eager to scale Viro and grow socio-ecologically beneficial, scientifically informed enterprises with those willing.

Muying (Monica) Chen
I’m a senior student majoring in marketing and I’ll obtain my bachelor’s degree in management later next month. I took an internship as a customer service staff handling orders & complaints and in July 2016, I was elected in the innovation program at UCLA and took a business simulation exercise by setting a travelling platform. These experiences taught me how to communicate and cooperate with others efficiently. I joined MFRE to obtain skills to understand complex problems in real market, which will also benefit my future career. Due to my background in marketing, I’m interested in agriculture market and agribusiness management. After MFRE, I wish to engage in cereal and resource trading or international market consulting work. My hobbies include playing Pipa (a Chinese musical instrument), travelling and taking photos. If you have similar hobbies, you’re welcome to chat with me. Looking forward to making new friends!

Congdi (Tracy) Cheng
I graduated from UBC on May 25, 2018, majoring in Economics. Over the last few years, I have some work experience. In the summer of 2017, I worked at the Bank of China where I assisted the customer manager in dealing with daily affairs and was mainly responsible for conducting lending procedures. From January 2018 to present, I joined the Eminence Education Center as an assistant. I applied for MFRE as I’m really interested in food economics because it’s an important part in our life. In addition, I really really like to eat delicious food, so I hope I can make friends who have the same hobby as me. To be honest, I am not sure what I can do after I graduating from MFRE, but I think I can find an answer during my studies.

Yuanyuan (April) Feng
I have graduated with a B.A in Economics combined Statistics from UBC. With this specialization, the relevant courses have given me a great grounding in representing and analyzing data. Besides, my experience working as research assistant & assistant financial manager have enhanced my ability in data analysis under economic frame. I’m truly passionate about combining my skills in data and economics and applying them in food & resource sector. The MFRE program is quite appealing to me as it includes intensive practices in applied economics as well as policy analysis, and the graduate program will allow me to apply my skills in real world situation.

Nickolas (Nick) Gemperle
Nick graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelors of Science in Economics and minors in Business Management and Philosophy. Nick comes from generations of farmers in the Central Valley of California and has been around agribusiness his whole life. He took his experiences in agriculture and spent six months working with nonprofits in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a focus on agricultural projects within the favelas. Nick is passionate about exploring ideas in resource management, environmental sustainability, and the development of an agricultural framework for the future. After completion of the MFRE program, Nick plans to contribute in the push for sustainable development either through an NGO or in the private sector. Nick was born in Switzerland and in his free time enjoys skiing, backpacking, board games, and playing sports. Nick is also a big fan of both the USMNT and Swiss National soccer team. Hopp Schwiiz!

Baichuan (Eddie) Guo
Hi, my name is Baichuan Guo, you can call me Eddie. I am from Shanghai, China. I studied Economics at UBC for my bachelor’s degree. I made a lot of good friends in Vancouver during the last few years, which makes me want to stay in Vancouver. I usually play badminton and go golfing during my leisure time. Meanwhile, I pretty much enjoy outdoor activities, like barbecue etc. I am really glad to join the MFRE program and I hope we can have a good time in the next year.

Mingshan Guo
My name is Mingshan Guo, and I just got my bachelor’s degree in Economics at University of British Columbia (UBC). To be honest, I do not have very rich work experiences in professional areas, though I’ve got some internship experience in Hankou Bank and Auditing Department, Grant Thornton International Ltd (Wuhan, China). Meanwhile, I also worked at The Body Shop as a sales person; this special experience taught me a lot, such as communication skills which will be very important in both learning and life experience. As for the reasons for joining MFRE, they are quite simple. First of all, I believe this program can teach me to combine applied economics with policy analysis and agribusiness management, enabling me to help food industry to solve economic issues. Secondly, many professors are from various industries and government, which means that they can introduce real-world cases and solutions to students. Therefore, I believe MFRE will provide me with the solutions to the economic issues that I want to work on. Honestly, I am not very sure about my plans after MFRE, but so far, I am very interested in working at financial institutions or a food processing company. I am quite outgoing, I like watching movies, doing some sports and making new friends.

Yu (Yolanda) Huo
My name is Yu Huo, but I go by Yolanda. I recently graduated from UBC with a B.Sc in Food, Nutrition and Health. I have been working as a Customer Service Representative at Natural Health Trends Corp. for one year. During my undergraduate study, I did my internships at Mapleville Import Export Inc, Didore Service Ltd and Beijing Xun An Da International Forwarding Co., Ltd, which allowed me to gain experience in agri-food sector and international trade. I believe MFRE program will equip me with essential skills and confidence to pursue my passions in alleviating world hunger and building a sustainable global food system. I hope I can utilize my further knowledge in food, nutrition and health to guide individuals towards healthy and active lifestyles. After MFRE, I hope to work for non-profit organizations or governments, focusing on policy formulation and analysis in food sectors.

Ziqiao (Jin) Jin
I am a student graduating from University of Oregon, Eugene, USA. Apart from the scheduled study, I also worked as the teaching assistant for the mathematics call in University of Oregon. As for my working experiences, I ever had two internships in two companies. The first is at the Brand Management Department, COFCO Corporation, in which I interned as the project team member, participated in the “North China FMCG Market Survey” project and developed a general view of the North China FMCG market supply chain situations and possible efficiency improvement area through the questionnaire feedback. The second one is at the Brand Management Department, COFCO Corporation as the Planning Executive, in which I was mainly responsible for event planning and execution for youth development, advertising development and external cooperation, etc. As for my study and career plan, I would like to divide into 3 aspects. Specifically, I hope to learn some professional courses related to agriculture and forestry economy management during campus life, importantly, improving my statistical skills and mathematics acquisition. If available, I plan to do some empirical studies or social practices as a researcher or explorer in some agricultural and forestry economy institute. In the long run, I want to work in the research and institute as an expert and put all my researches achievement to the actual food and resource economics.

Ian Lederer
Growing up in the little known wine region of Napa Valley in California is where my interest in agriculture started. I have worked pretty much every job in the wine industry, from human resources, to hospitality, to physically bottling wine. Living there my entire life I decided to venture to Vancouver and earned an economics degree with a commerce minor. It is the combination of my previous work experience in viticultural and my undergraduate degree which led to me undertaking this master’s. After this program I hope to continue in the agricultural industry in an analytical or managerial capacity. When I am not frantically cramming for exams of procrastinating on homework, you’ll find me skiing, playing tennis, or talking about how Vancouver has no good Mexican food.

Jing (Helen) Li
In 2010, I studied abroad and went to West Vancouver Secondary School. I’ve been interested in economics and government policy since I studied Economics 12 in high school. It allowed me to develop a passion in this area of study. To explore more, I majored in economics at UBC for my undergraduate studies. During studies at UBC, I was very enthusiastic for every specialized course. With strong interest and abilities, I gained so much in undergrad. Also, I now have a chance to study in the MFRE program in 2018, which will certainly facilitate my further development. I look forward to studying at MFRE!

Yexuan (Becky) Li
I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Commerce at UBC for undergraduate. I had interned at an insurance company, security company and asset management company in China. The area about MFRE which interests me the most is the policy analysis part, which I regard as very useful in the future. My career goal is to find a position in a consulting company. I used to be a professional table tennis player and I really enjoy playing volleyball with others. Photography is my current hobby after school activities.

Van Nguyen
Van holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting. She had worked for several multinational companies, such as Electrolux and Chevron, in the role of Marketing Manager for over 10 years before she left Vietnam to go to Australia. She spent the last 4 years in Sydney, where she studied her Master’s Degree and at the same time worked for Panalpina World Transport Australia. During this time, she has learned about food industry and businesses, which inspired her to contribute to this sector, working on the areas of food sustainability and security. She believes MFRE will realise her dream.

Keqin (Karen) Ni
My name is Keqin Ni, I am an international student from China. I am one of the graduates from the Vancouver school of Economics in UBC. I applied for MFRE because I would like to learn more things to contribute to the environmental changes of my hometown. My plan after the program is for PhD. My hobbies include singing and playing the piano.

Jiangyunze (Olivia) Qian
My name is Olivia and I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Economics. After graduating, I acted as an assistant to the economic analyst in a pharmaceutical company during which I analyzed the market positioning of a kind of cold medication and built mathematical models for market demands and supplies drawing on the knowledge in managerial economics. As my horizon constantly expands, I increasingly realize business prosperity can fundamentally solve poverty and agribusiness sector should be the engine of economic growth in the next several decades. For this reason, I am determined to choose the MFRE program in my postgraduate education to maximize my values in solving real-world problems. It is my goal to work as an analyst or market consultant, engaging in providing enterprises with sound strategies in pricing, investment and agribusiness management.

Zhiyue (Joyce) Qin
My name is Qin, Zhiyue, and can call me Joyce. During my undergraduate study, I majored in psychology and minored in economics in UBC. I had an internship in Commerzbank and Industrial Bank CO., Ltd as a bank auditor. These experiences let me realize the importance of data analysis and risk management in applied economics, and I would like to have future studies in this area. For further graduate studies, I wish to discover the interactions among psychological factors, business analysis, and economic issues. I believe MFRE can help me to learn some more advanced economics knowledge and apply them to real-world problem-solving. I am an extrovert and enjoy communicating with others. For plans after MFRE, I hope to get a position as an economic consultant in a financial institution or food processing company. I am glad to become a member of the MFRE family.

Carolina Rodrigues Cunha
My name is Carolina. I graduated from Mackenzie University with a Bachelor’s of Science Economics. I’ve been working in Marketing since 2005. I gained experience in developing and executing marketing plans, launching new products, managing and tracking sales, development of demand plan, profitability analysis and pricing. I believe that some actions undertaken in the economy have the impact of reducing the chronic problems of poverty and social inequality without necessarily forgetting the corporate goals of achieving results and business survival. In my opinion, Economics has the power to change the environment of communities faster than any other tool. For that reason, I’m sure that the Master of Food and Resource Economics can provide me the right tools to transform our society. I’m so excited to join this MFRE program. I hope to contribute to my colleagues and learn a lot about resource management and environmental sustainability.

Jill Smilestone
Jill has a background in Nutrition having completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics Degree from Acadia University. Since graduating Jill continued her studies in Economics at Dalhousie University. She has also gained practical experience through an internship at the Manna Centre for Food Safety and Security in Tel Aviv, Israel. During her time with Manna she successfully developed and coordinated a two-day conference centred around food waste reduction in Israel. She hopes that the MFRE program will allow her to better understand and analyze the pressing issues within the food and resource sectors both within Canada and globally. After the MFRE, she plans to leverage the skills attained from the program along with her passion for sustainability and food systems into a position in the public or private sector.

Qingyu (Stephanie) Sun
Hi, my name is Stephanie Sun. I just finished my Bachelor of Arts (major in economics) at UBC, which lays a solid foundation for my academic career in economics, quantitative analysis and natural resource economics. From my perspective, food security and food price stability play an irreplaceable role for national economy and social welfare. In the future, my ambition is to become a research analyst or financial analyst and I will dedicate myself to the industry of agriculture and commodity goods. I strongly believe that my graduate study of MFRE will be a booster for pursuing my life goals.

Espoir Tuyisenge
Growing up in an area surrounded by food shortages and malnutrition, I observed first-hand how dependent my community is on agriculture as a primary source of income. This has driven my interest on advanced food systems and sustainable agriculture production. I am a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Food Industry Management and a minor in Agribusiness and Environmental Sustainability. During my undergraduate program, I was heavily involved in research focused on Collective Action and Coffee Productivity in Rwanda’s Specialty Coffee Sector. By joining MFRE program, I am looking forward to learn more on food and economic policies, data analysis models, Applied econometrics and other quantitative methods for business. After completing MFRE program, I hope to work as a consultant or data analyst in agricultural industry, financial institutions or Non-Governmental Organizations. In free time, I enjoy playing soccer with friends and catching up on sport news.

Hanyu (Echo) Wang
I am an international student from China. I came to Canada in 2011 for the first time and I finished my BA in Economics from Simon Fraser University this May. During my undergraduate study, I have gathered various working experiences. I worked as a counselor in an immigration company for about four years and worked as office assistant at SFU for two semesters. I continue to study in MFRE because this program is closely related to my undergraduate degree. I believe that studying at MFRE is an essential step for my future career plan. After MFRE, I would like to apply for the related PhD program or work in a financial institution. In my spare time, I would like to go hiking with friends to enjoy the sunshine in Vancouver.

Qinglan (Carolyn) Wang
Hi everyone, my name is Qinglan Wang and you can call me Carolyn instead. I graduated from the SFU Econ program in Vancouver. I had a part-time working experience at Thinka store and I also worked for a venture company in China for fund program. UBC is my dream school since I was a child. I saw a UBC school photo and I was attracted to the beautiful school. I am so pleased that I can join the MFRE program as I finally get my dream to become true. I am interested in stock recently. My career plan is to join a financial institution. I like learning new things and I also like reading. I hope I can learn a lot and meet lots of new friends during my stay in Vancouver. Looking forward to meeting you guys at UBC!

Ziming Wang
Hello everyone, my name is Ziming. I graduated from the University of Victoria with an M.A. and B.Sc. in Economics. My focus is on econometrics modeling and analysis. I was a research analysis intern at Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), where I conducted a cost-benefit analysis on the BC Earthquake early warning system (EEW). The project aimed to convince the BC government that the current investment in EEW is worthwhile and to persuade the provincial government to expand its funding. However, I felt a deep gap between the school knowledge and the practical application. I choose MFRE for it perfectly combines the theory study, empirical application, business management mechanism, as well as finance in agriculture and resources sectors which I really want to dig in. I would like to be a policy analyst after graduate. When I get time, I would go hiking and photographing. Gunpla building is also my favorite.

Ely Weisbrot
Ely holds a Bachelor's of Commerce degree in Agricultural Business from the University of Guelph. Upon graduation, Ely has worked within both sides of our global food chain, from food sourcing, distribution and the development of agriculture technology. Ely's interests lie within the economics of food policy, the globalization of the food industry, and the various food choices we make that affect our industry. Ely hopes to strengthen and utilize his economic decision-making skills with the MFRE degree and explore new opportunities within the program's final project. Ely's dream is to work amongst global food policy organizations, helping make positive decisions for the future of humanity.

Zehua (Kevin) Wu
Hi everyone, my name is Zehua Wu, you could call me Kevin instead if you like. I did my bachelor’s degree of Managerial Economics with a minor in statistics from the University of California, Davis. I would like to explore two major aspects in the master’s program: one is the international macroeconomic issues in non-industrialized country, and possibly newly industrialized country like China, to explore how policy effects on key variables such as trade balance and the exchange rate that influences the food and resource sectors; the other is the various factors that have been found to influence the growth performance of entities in the food and resource sectors, particularly in this era when globalization has been achieved. What's more, there are various econometric tools that I consider necessary to develop for my empirical skills, and courses in Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Methods for Business and Resource Management are exactly what I am looking for in this regard. Finally, the graduating project allows us to apply theories into practice and I am most excited for the opportunity to work on a consultancy project for a business, financial institution, or industry group if possible.

Lingyu (Kathy) Xiao
I spent the past four years at UBC studying economics and some commerce courses and graduated in May 2018. Now it’s an honor to continue graduate studies at UBC. During the last four years, I’ve collected some experience in both economic theory and business analysis, which interests me to study MFRE as I believe modern agribusiness is built on applied economics and business operation. Also, my father works at the agricultural bank in China and his job also influenced me a lot, as I realized those sectors need to have strong intellectual background in economics and quantitative analysis skills. After graduating from MFRE, I want to start my career in the business area such as by working as an analyst in investment bank. In order to achieve my future goal, I’m excited to start my one-year journey at MFRE and to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can to guide me in the future.

Yiwen (Candice) Zhang
Candice graduated from UBC with a B.S. in Food, Nutrition and Health. Last year, she had the opportunity to work with various local communities and organizations in Indonesia, which provided her with problem-based learning tools to monitor and evaluate projects in the real world. She believes MFRE could further enhance her understanding of economics, policies, and agribusiness management. After the completion of MFRE program, she wants to focus on applied economics and policy analysis to gain essential skills to work in government ministries and developmental organizations.

Yu (Ivy) Zhang
I did my undergraduate studies at UBC. Majoring in Economics let me gain a solid basic knowledge and economic intuition which makes me more sensitive about many economics issues. In order to gain practical experience in food economics field, I interned at an agri-food trading company in Canada for two months. During this period, I assisted management in comparing supplies from various sources by conducting intensive market research. The research results were frequently used as part of the decision-making process when choosing suppliers. By doing this work, I gained a better understanding of the relationship between food and economics. In this Master’s program, I would like to learn more about agribusiness management and agri-food international trade. Also, I’m quite interested in food security and safety issues, since it plays a big role in a country’s domestic economy, especially for many developing countries.

Yuwei (Yico) Zhang
My name is Yuwei Zhang, you can call me Yico. I graduated from University of Toronto with a double major in economics and statistics. I interned as a marketing data analyst of a small firm in China. The reason why I want to pursue MFRE is: food and resources economics can allow me to create business and social value in a more effective and fundamental way. I would like to advance my professional level in economics, especially in the field of food and resource economics which is my most interested area of study. After completing MFRE program, I intend to work for food industries where I will utilize statistical and economic analysis technologies to design and optimize strategies for policy-making.

Kai Zhao
Kai graduated from UBC with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Commerce and Douglas College with Diploma in an Accounting Management. He also participated in several training programs of Econometrics, including PLS-SEM, Machine Learning & Big Data, Spatial Econometrics, etc. Meanwhile, Kai has work experience in consulting business and investment experience in the fields of real estate, foreign exchange speculation, bonds and stocks. Besides, he has been interested in sharing and translating attractive and controversial theories of Economics and Sociology by his website for years, primarily focusing on Agriculture Economics recently. His passion for the price mechanism of agricultural commodities leads him to pursue graduate studies in the MFRE program. Also, during his time at MFRE, Kai hopes to find several research topics for Ph.D. Studies in the field of Agricultural Economics.

Suidan (Stephy) Zheng
Stephy Zheng graduated with a bachelor degree of economics from SFU. After graduation, she worked in a fast-developing industrial company in Guangzhou for 2 years. The MFRE program offers an ingenious combination of economic analysis and agribusiness management, which would enable her to participate in the whole realm of food and resource economics. This program would broaden her scope of study and help her to become a marketing consultant or policy analyst in food and resource sectors in the upcoming future.

Yeon Kyung Zhoo
I have recently graduated from UBC majoring in Food Market Analysis. The reason why I wanted to join MFRE was because I wanted to study further in to the field of my interest. As a student who transferred from life sciences to food market analysis mid-way of undergrad, I was happy that I finally found a major that I was interested and this naturally motivated me to join MFRE. I do not have concrete plans of where I want to work after I graduate from MFRE as I want to be as open minded as possible for where my future could lead me. In my spare time I love to cook, bake and spend time with friends! Looking forward to meet everyone this year!

Huizhe (Jasmine) Zhu
I hold my Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Trade from Zhejiang A&F University. My three-year research experience is mainly in the area of agribusiness management, resource economics and I was an assistant of marketing director for a beverage company in China for nearly 3 years and as the assistant of product manager in Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC). My previous study and work experience inspire me to pursue my career goals in food trade and financial market, thus I want to gain professional skills like analytical ability and real-life practice in economics and business management during my time in the MFRE program. After MFRE, I hope to become a professional commodity trader and an analyst for investment banks or consulting firms.

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