Current Students

Joy Adejumo
I obtained a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. After which I participated in an internship programme with UNICEF in collaboration with the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research. Currently, I work with Access Bank Nigeria, as an Assistant Branch Manager in the Retail Operations Group. My major drive for joining the MFRE program is to develop skill sets for solving global food problems, utilizing research to promote sustainable livelihoods and explore the key roles of agricultural policies in building a secured and resilient economy. My main area of interest is Resource and Environmental policy and I intend to proceed do a PhD after the program. In my spare time, I love hanging out and travelling.

Fereshte Assadollah Pour
I received my master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Iran, University of Tehran. During my education, I worked with my professor for some national projects. In addition, I worked for three companies as an Agricultural Economics expert and analyzer. I believe the MFRE program can give me unique opportunities for my future career and give me wider knowledge in this field for helping food industry to solve economic issues. Secondly, working with great professors can give me a better understanding of real word cases and solutions. I have many plans after MFRE and working for financial institutions or a food processing company are my high priorities. I enjoy exploring nature with my husband and friends, reading novels, and watching movies.

Ji (Caroline) Cao
Growing up in a province which is the agricultural and population centre, and the breadbasket of China, producing the nation’s highest wheat & rice output, I’ve witnessed how important a role agriculture play in economic development and, I believe that agri-related fields have been the pillar of my hometown’s economy. First Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture completed in my home country brought me knowledge of agricultural production process regarding seedling, cultivating, (trans)planting, environmental management, as well as harvesting. Second Bachelor of Economics obtained from Dalhousie University, Canada, allows me to analyze microeconomic and macroeconomic rules, build models, and generate strategies for businesses. During the gap between my bachelor and master studies, I’ve been employed by an agri-trade company in Canada, supervising and overseeing cargo schedules and container shipments for importation & exportation regarding agricultural machinery, perishable produce, and customs clearance. This is, meanwhile, how I developed my practical skills through meeting with individuals and groups on behalf of executives to discuss potential collaboration, co-ordinates the work, and liaises with officials internally and externally, such as CBSA officers, local farmers, etc. By joining MFRE program, I look forwarder to gaining abilities of mastering through a comprehensive study at a higher level of food, resource and economics, applying my knowledge to real-world problems, receiving career opportunities in agricultural industry and governments, and continuing my beautiful life in Canada.

Xinyi (Melody) Chen
I graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, majoring in Economics. In the past four years, I mastered basic knowledge of economic theory, conducted economic research independently and completed my thesis. I attended the National Central University of Taiwan for exchange during college. During the holidays, I interned at a bank and an asset management company where I gained valuable knowledge that I could not learn in class. I am very glad to join the MFRE program. Through this program, I hope that I can learn more about economics and apply it in the food and agriculture sector in the future. I enjoy swimming and diving.

Zhilan (Diana) Cheng
In 2014, I moved to Canada to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Economics and a minor in Business from the University of the Fraser Valley. I also studied international trade and economics in China for two years. After graduating from UFV, I have built strong skills in economics and statistics. While completing my degree I was also working part-time in a small, direct market organic farm in Canada. The difference between Chinese and Canadian agriculture led me to question the future of food production will be able to balance this demand for more transparent local food with the efficiency of scale promised by modern mechanized agriculture. My goal is to assist the people involved in agriculture to make better business and financial decisions.

Chenyue (Odile) Gong
Odile graduated with a BSc in Statistics with a minor in Economics from the University of British Columbia. The applicability of statistics gave her the motivation of committing herself into a more practical field, which is why she joined MFRE. Being once shortly exposed to the working environment in a futures company, her internship experience as a futures research assistant further sparked her interest in the industry. Odile is fascinated by economic models and how they are related to and used in the real world. After completing the MFRE program, Odile plans to gain further experience in the financial industry. Odile is originally from China, and she is passionate about various cuisines and thus often explores different restaurants in Vancouver with her friends. Occasionally if you meet her after school, you may find her busy exercising which, while she claims to enjoy it, is actually a remedy for being a big foodie.

Ji Hye (Jay) Heo
I graduated from UBC with a BA in Economics. Food and resource sectors have always been of interest to me as it is one we heavily rely on as a basic necessity. It is one that is constantly innovating and growing while battling through rising sustainability and health issues. Attending MFRE is a dream come true for me because I am able to analyze these sectors using economics to illuminate how and why these markets work the way they do. After MFRE I hope to work for the government or a food industry to help build healthier and more sustainable communities.

Lelisa Dewi Jahja
I received my bachelor’s degree in finance from San Diego State University, California. I have been working in the Finance Department for a distribution company in Jakarta, Indonesia for the last 10 years. Being a working mom with three wonderful kids has led my interest to food production during my spare time. Growing up in a third world country where food resource and distribution is uneven has led my curiosity to further study the economic behind it. I see it with my own eyes while our land is fertile yet malnutrition is a social problem here, hence my reason to join this MFRE program. My plan is to establish my own food distribution company and making quality food more affordable in my home country. I am taking a leap of faith in this graduate journey, and hope to gain the necessary skill set for my future path. I enjoy playing piano, yoga and exploring nature in my spare time. I am excited to explore Vancouver and meet fellow students who share the same interests as me.

Abdullah Jallow
Abdullah hails from The Gambia and recently completed his undergraduate program in Economics at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. Through his previous internships at the Central Bank of The Gambia, community-based projects and undergraduate dissertation, Abdullah has become particularly passionate about research and data analysis. He joins the MFRE to mold this passion through the quantitative and analytical skills that the program has to offer. He intends to use the MFRE graduating project to help policymakers in his country in their quest to transform the food industry. Upon graduation from the MFRE, Abdullah aspires to work as a data analyst in the food and resource sector before pursuing a PhD as he eyes a long-term career in research. Abdullah follows world news, is a Real Madrid fan and prefers working at night.

Yuxin (Renee) Jiang
I graduated from UBC with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. I worked at CITIC Securities (Shandong) CO., LTD as an intern in the wealth management department. During my internship, I was responsible for responding to customers’ and sales representatives’ questions related to Chinese Depository Receipt. I conducted research on products, markets and clients’ profile to synthesize and aggregate data which was used to propose suitable recommendation. However, I realized there was a big gap between the knowledge I gained and the practical application. I choose MFRE because it emphasizes skills such as case studies, group projects, field trips, and report writing. After MFRE, I want to be a financial analyst or an economist focusing on natural resources or agriculture. I am glad to become a member of the MFRE family.

Xiaotong (Kat) Jin
I have a background in economics and have spent most of my career in the marketing analytics field in Toronto. My education, along with over five years of working experience, has provided me opportunities to utilize various research techniques and analytical tools in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. As my passion for analytics develops, my desire to maintain current theories and practice evolves and strengthens. I am committed to developing my skill set in a more specific discipline. I am keenly interested in acquiring research and analytical skills with a focus on business sustainability in the food and resource sector. I aim to be a sought after and valuable asset to the ever-developing expertise within this industry. I am confident that the MFRE program will provide me with practical knowledge, and the professional credibility demanded within analytics sphere as I continue my future career endeavour.

Hong (Amy) Li
Amy Li graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, concentration in Finance. She also gained her Master of Science in Financial Economics from Texas A&M University in May 2019. During her studies at TAMU, her overall GPA is 4.0/4.0, and she is a 2018-2019 Departmental Scholarship recipient. Prior to studying in the US, she was a retail banking personal services manager at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and a senior project coordinator at New Oriental Education & Technology Group. Amy joins MFRE because she wants to pursue another degree in a related but different discipline to enrich her knowledge and to broaden her research interests further. Her current research interests are agribusiness, public economics and policy, agricultural economics, and environmental economics. Her plan after school is to work as an economic and public policy advisor or to work as a research scholar position at one of the top universities.

Meng-Ting (Irena) Li
,I completed my Bachelor's Degree with major in Economics and minor in Commerce at UBC. Bearing in mind that economics is all about choice making, I was at first interested in exploring and improving economic choices especially health care efficiency and optimum allocation of resources. With deep interest and knowledge on the topic of food and health economics, I conducted my first comprehensive and complete undergraduate research paper on the effects of the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax on Obesity in Berkeley, California. This paper allowed me to gain a wider thinking model and worldwide vision in this field. After that, I gained practical experience on Food and Health Economics during my internship program in a Medical Equipment Company in Beijing, China. With this experience, I realized the importance of effective resource allocation in building a healthy world with good environment. As a world citizen, I feel that I have the responsibility to assist and ameliorate for a better environment, contributing to creating and protecting the global village. I am very excited to join the MFRE program; I hope that through studying the world food market and resource production I can contribute more for our society.

Zhenyi Li
I am a graduate of the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University where I majored in Business Administration. I have professional training and theoretical knowledge in managerial economics, collaborative work environment and data analysis. I have worked at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China where I learned about the economics behind business operations when dealing with different clients. I am interested in understanding how SME's in the food and natural resources sector deal with finances, while balancing the call for sustainable business practices. MFRE is an area of interest for me as it opens important avenues for my career in food and resource management. After working for NGO's such as The Hunger Project and Action Against Hunger, I would devote my time to developing a sustainable business that reduces food waste and combats food insecurity.

Dong (Donny) Liu
I came to Vancouver to study at Windsor Secondary High School in 2011. In May 2019, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Arts from UBC with a double major in International Relations and Economics. During a seminar course, I conducted research on Big Food Companies and explored the impacts of their production and consumption on public health and the environment. This has inspired me to join the MFRE program. My most recent work experience involved working as a project coordinator for a non-profit organization that is concerned with providing affordable housing and food security. After completing the MFRE program, I am interested in working for food or agriculture companies and I hope that I can apply the more advanced and practical knowledge that I have gained to make agribusinesses more sustainable. I enjoy playing sports and I am a cat lover.

Hansheng Liu
I graduated from Dalhousie University where I majored in Agriculture Economics. I worked at Agriculture Development Bank of China in my hometown Fuzhou where I took on the responsibility of a project on water resources management in Fuzhou. I chose to pursue graduate studies at MFRE as this program is closely related to my undergraduate degree, and I also believed that it can advance my professional knowledge of economics which can help me build problem-solving skills for my future career. After finishing MFRE, I would like to work for the government, especially in agriculture department, where I can use statistical analysis for policy-making. I look forward to meeting you all at MFRE and having a good time together.

Maria Andrea Lopez
Corn, tortillas and avocados. The adventure that creates Mexican food and its ingredients is what sparked my interest in agriculture. Growing up in a Ranch, surrounded by corn and livestock production made me realize the importance of agriculture and sustainability in the world’s economy. Graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education with a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. Worked as a grain Commodity analyst, Cost Accountant and Farm project manager in resource optimization. The opportunity to join MFRE matched my interest in developing a complete food economy knowledge, critical thinking and a better understanding of agribusiness. After this program, I’d like to create my own business in global food trading and sustainable production.

Sheng Min
I am from China. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Canada. I love Canada and that is why I decided to pursue my master's degree in Vancouver. I usually play table tennis during my leisure time. I also enjoy outdoor activities because the natural environment in Vancouver is amazing. I am excited to join the MFRE program and I look forward to a wonderful time at UBC.

Javier Mojardin Lopez
I am Javier Mojardin, Bachelor of Economics from Culiacan Mexico. Since graduating in 2013, I have been working for CAADES, one of Mexico’s biggest growers and exporters association. During my time at CAADES I've had a broad range of responsibilities such as: delivering economic analysis of fresh vegetable markets; leading trade missions; being part of the defense of Mexican growers’ interests in international trade negotiations, such as the recent USMCA trade agreement, and the Mexico-Florida tomato dumping dispute. I also serve as a liaison between CAADES and government institutions. The combination of my background in economics with my professional experience led me to choose MFRE as the next step of my career. With this graduate program, I attempt to advance my economic and quantitative skills, as well as to deepen my understanding of agribusiness, and to broaden my professional network. After MFRE, I am very interested in continuing working in the food sector, either at a private company such as a financial institution, food processing company or in a public institution like a government or development agency.

Huong (Sandy) Nguyen
I have worked for more than 15 years in Finance and Accounting in many multinational companies in Vietnam. I have a Master's Degree in Finance and Accounting. With my analysis skills and educational background, I do hope that pursuing the MFRE program is another right step to widen my eyes to the world and fulfill my dream to work in NGOs who specialise in resource management and environmental sustainability. I love travelling and reading.

Yiyuan (Elena) Qi
I grew up in a multicultural city in Guangdong, China. I completed my Bachelor's degree in International Economics from the Vancouver School of Economics. During my time here at UBC, I discovered my interest in agricultural economics and have been looking for opportunities to develop knowledge in this field since then. I am glad to be a member of the MFRE family as this amazing program can allow me to move forward in the natural resources research field and explore my interest in the global food market. After graduating from the MFRE program, I would like to find a position in the agribusiness sector.

Jiayi (Miranda) Que
I come from the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, China. I decided to apply for the MFRE at UBC as the objective of this program aligns with my career plan and my background perfectly matches the design of this program. My career goal is to become a market analyst or an applied economist in the field of agribusiness. Aside from my academic study, I have attached great importance to the cultivation of my all-around capabilities. As a manager in VISM Entertainment, I have learned to organize and arrange concerts based on consumers’ survey and to promote market sales through different promotion plans. In my spare time, I like playing golf, mountain climbing and tennis and I've achieved good results in the piano field. I can't wait to join the MFRE family and enjoy learning.

Yujia (Cathy) Shang
I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in May 2018. After I graduated, I worked in the financial department in China Center Television in Beijing for a year, where I assisted the head of finance on book keeping, tax planning, cash business as well as other assignments required by the management team. I believed that a master’s degree would be helpful for my career. My hometown is Yunnan, south west of China, and it is famous for its rich agricultural resources, so I applied for MFRE in order to get more professional training. During my time at MFRE, I would like to learn and gain professional training in economics from the agriculture, food, natural resource and environment perspective. After I graduate, I would like to be part of an agriculture company where I can contribute ideas from an economic perspective. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano and swimming.

Aashna Singhal
I obtained my Bachelor's in Economics degree from Delhi University. After completing my studies, I started my non-profit organization, "Aashna Foundation", which focuses on empowering women through skills. Along with my NGO project, I have experience working as a merchandiser in retail chains. I have also obtained a post graduate diploma in international trade from the University of California, Los Angeles. After the MFRE program, I am really looking forward to work with any governmental organization or as a research associate under any of our esteemed professors. Reading books, doing yoga and dancing are a few of my key interests which I pursue passionately.

Tao (Oliver) Song
I obtained my B.A degree with a Combined major in Economics and Statistics at UBC. As for work experience, I worked at a small stock trading company in Vancouver where I analyzed financial reports and learnt how to make investment plans for the different purpose of trading. I also had an internship in a chemical industry company in China. I participated in the investigation team of the company, which mainly focused on collecting data from various sources related to pollution levels and estimating the costs related with pollution remediation. The MFRE program would provide me precious insight into updated approaches in economics, statistics and agribusiness, which is highly valuable to my future research interests and career. After completion of the program, I wish to apply my knowledge and work at a financial institution focusing on food market analysis.

Jiajie (Joy) Sun
I graduated with a B.A. at the Michigan State University of the United States, where I studied Economics. I enjoyed my past Economic circulations, and I would like to figure out more real-life Economic problems. I applied for the MFRE program because the data analysis content attracted me. Although I'm interested in data, I did not have a chance to analyze data during my undergraduate program. Therefore, I am excited to enhance my data analysis skills during the MFRE program. In the future, I aim to discover the opportunities of joining some commercial companies that I admire, such as Starbucks in Seattle. I enjoy being outside of the city to travel with friends and go to concerts all over the world. I also really want to try boxing! I'm so glad that I can join the MFRE family!

Wenxi (Leyla) Sun
My name is Wenxi. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a B.S. in Food/Agricultural Business Management. This has provided me with a strong background in the industry as a whole, and especially the supply portion. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work in the meat processing industry, and I spent four months doing extensive research on economic impacts of restrictions on antimicrobial use in food production. As a result, I have found that I could use additional education on the subject. By pursuing this degree, I will be able to advance my knowledge in food supply and therefore obtain a more solid understanding of food resources and issues that are related to food supply portions.

Wenjun Tang
I come from Wuhan, China. I finished my undergraduate studies in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST) at UBC, which is a great university. As for my working experience, I had two internships in two companies and worked as a research associate in Wuhan Panlongcheng Ecology Sci &Tech Park project and Wuhan Jinyifeng Agricultural Tech. Ltd. I was responsible for collecting economic data for further economic impact analysis. I chose MFRE as I would like to be a policy analyst in the areas of resource economics and environmental regulation, and therefore this program provides me the best choices to broaden my knowledge and deepen my understanding of these fields. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, self-driving traveling, and14 bicycling. During my time at MFRE, I wish to make new friends who have similar interests as me, as we try to learn and solve difficult problems together.

Chimezie (Daniel) Uzoigwe
I studied Economics and Statistics at the University of Benin, Nigeria. I have served as a teaching and research assistant at a University and as an analyst in the management consulting practice of KPMG Professional Services in Lagos. At present, I am supporting the Global Maritime Crime Programme at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Country Office Nigeria. I am interested in development work and have applied for the MFRE because it offers unique skills that would prepare me to succeed in this area. After the MFRE program, I would like to work in the field of international development or in the private sector.

Yijie Wang
Yijie has recently graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Health. She is current working as a Cultural Ambassador, Event Coordinator in UBC Arts Vancouver Summer Program. Yijie has a strong interest in economics of food since she has taken several FRE classes during her undergraduate study. She chose to attend MFRE as this program provides a perfectly combination between Food, Natural Resources and Economics. The multiple specialization areas could help her to dig deeper in food resources market and agricultural sectors. After graduation, Yijie wants to work in the global food and resources industries, with emphasis on trade. Alongside coursework, Yijie loves outdoor activities such as hiking at Grouse Mountain and cycling at Stanley Park.

Yiwen (Carol) Wu
I obtained my bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition and Health with a major in Nutritional Sciences from UBC. I was attracted by this program after taking an FRE course and in the next term, I continued to take another FRE course. I found that the MFRE program combines the knowledge of applied economics, policy analysis and agribusiness. All these quantitive and theoretical skills are practical that they can be applied to different sectors in real life. During my undergrad studies, one highlight of my work experience would be working with Social Planning and Research Council BC as a research assistant to help with an evaluation of a federal government-funded program by performing data collection and analysis. After the MFRE program, I hope to work in a field that is related to market analysis. In my spare time, I usually do yoga, play badminton, and bake half-sweet cheesecake.

Ying (Claire) Xia
I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts degree major in Economics minor in Commerce. Typically, sound strategic management requires mastery of business principles combined with underlying economic mechanisms, while creative thinking and analytical skills are valued and rewarded. This combination gave me an insight into how economics functions in business and stimulated my great interest in agribusiness and finance-related matters. I’ve interned at an investment company and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. Working in a real-world setting enhanced my understanding of the role of the financial institution in helping the real sector. I gained valuable knowledge of financing and investing, as well as skills in comprehending the importance of quantitative analytical skills as using different criteria to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of financial data. One of the core parts of the MFRE program, the training of quantitative skills, is also a critical skill that I am looking forward to taking away from the program. After MFRE, I would like to pursue a career in financial institutions.

Ran Xia
I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Economics. Although I haven't had any working experience in the professional field, last year, I had the opportunity to assist a marketing manager of Homeland Realty™. I gained experience in developing and executing marketing plans, identifying and resolving issues resorting to data analysis, profitability analysis and pricing. For me, there was no Eureka moment when I decided that my future lay in the food and resource economics. My decision was far more gradual and considered. Looking back, some of the important moments that drove to my decision include the resource economics course I took in 2016, which made me realize the power that Economics has to change the whole world. I am really glad to join MFRE, and I believe that the program can teach me the right understanding of how to transform our society.

Qingyan (Alicia) Xu
I am graduating from Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China. As for my researching experiences, I took part in National-Level SRT (Student Research Training) Project and a program supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, where both programs are related to the problems of rural finance in China. Making use of after-class time, my friends and I created an Organic Food Company in 2018 where I served as the founder as well as CFO. In addition, I had two internships in two companies. The first one is Industrial & Commercial Bank of China and the second one is a Private Offering Fund Company. During my time at MFRE, I would like to learn more about agriculture and forestry economy management. I hope to improve my ability in analysing food and resources problems. After completing the program, I plan to pursue a PhD.

Mengting (Tiana) Yang
I finished my undergraduate studies at UBC majoring in interdisciplinary studies (Economics, Commerce, and Chinese). With my previous work experience in a food, automobile, and advertisement company, I have built strong foundation for my studies this year at MFRE. I chose to pursue studies at MFRE due to its systematically designed courses related to agricultural trade, commodity pricing and advanced econometric courses. Obtaining the degree from MFRE is a career strategy that can provide me with the best chance to combine both rigorous academic training and practical case studies together. My career goal is to work in a consulting company. My hobbies include photography.

Yaran (Zoe) Yang
I graduated from UBC with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Economics, and I spent my summer holidays working at internships in the agricultural chemical manufacturing industry. I am glad that I also had a potential entrepreneurial opportunity in which I attained experience in business management. In these opportunities, I was involved in reviewing agricultural product trading contracts and handling international product transportation. I obtained valuable experiences in international trade in both the food and beverages and the agricultural chemical manufacturing industry. I am interested in learning from the MFRE program as I would like to develop my future career in an agricultural business in which I could achieve sustainable development. I look forward to making new friends with other MFRE candidates this year. I hope that my advanced knowledge in Mathematics can contribute to team projects in the program.

Xiaoxuan (Vida) Yu
I completed my bachelor's degree from UBC with a major in Economics. During my undergraduate study, I worked as a tutor at an education institution for about three years. I was responsible for helping students improve their mathematics. After graduating, I worked as an assistant in an international student service institution for about half a year. I decided to continue my study at MFRE because I think this program will have a great impact on my future career. After MFRE, I hope I can find a job that I really enjoy! In my spare time, I like to get close to nature; in the winter you'll find me skiing on the top of a mountain and in the summer I’ll be kayaking along the peaceful shore. I love challenging myself and I believe nothing is impossible - just like the words say, "I'm possible"!

Tianlong Zhang
I completed my Bachelor of Science degree, with specialization in Financial Mathematics from the University of California Irvine. Extensive exposure to economics course as well as quantitative skills and data processing capacities play a most fundamental role in supporting my career aspiration. I teamed up with four members and used Eviews to apply multi variable regression model to evaluate the correlation between house pricing and related factors such as population growth and crime rate in Irvine. Interning at the investment banking department of Guotai Junan, I participated into a financial project and performed due diligence (DD). I am interested in attending MFRE program as the curriculum mainly emphasizes on developing student’s economic and analytical tools. This program also provides students multiple opportunities to get experiential learning experience and hands-on skills, which is attractive to me. I love playing basketball and playing the GO.

Yu (Yuki) Zhang
Yuki Zhang is a recent graduate from UBC Sauder School of Business, specializing in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management. During her time at UBC, she worked as a Program Assistant and volunteered to teach social entrepreneurship in China and Kenya with Sauder Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) program. She also contributed to pilot Indigenous Business Education Program (IBEP) with Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education Centre. Through these experiences, she met many entrepreneurs with different cultural backgrounds, and saw first-hand how important food and resources were to a community. Yuki’s concern for food security, coupled with her undergraduate study, has sparked her strong interest in agriculture economics and sustainable food supply chain. After graduation, she wants to work as a sustainability consultant in a multinational food company which is transitioning toward sustainability, such as McDonald’s and Nestlé. In ten years, she hopes to push for sustainable development within the food and resource sectors, by employing her expertise learned from MFRE and work experience to (under-)developed countries.

Yang Zhou
I graduated from UBC with Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in accounting with a minor in economics. To familiarize myself with financial and economic professions, I sought after several internships. While working in Citic YBN Capital Limited, I performed risk analysis, cost analysis, financial budget analysis, and sensitivity analysis towards the potential investment project and finally put forward a rational and feasible investment plan which was adopted by the company. The MFRE program attracted me as it aligns with my goals and can strengthen my skill set. With the excellent academic resources and strong alumni network that MFRE provides, I believe this program is the perfect next step for me. In my spare time, I like watching movies, playing the piano and drawing.

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