The world’s current uncertainty has not stopped MFRE students from securing highly interesting Graduating Projects in government agencies related to Food and Resource Economics.

This summer, several MFRE students are completing Graduating Project focusing on Natural Resources, Trade, Environment and Finance with agencies from the City of Vancouver, British Columbia’s provincial government, and Canada’s federal government. This experience will allow students to apply the concepts and skills learned at MFRE in fields such as Economics, Policy, Environment, and Quantitative Methods, to real-world government decision-making processes. Without a doubt, students will obtain valuable work experience that might lead to a permanent government position or will give them an edge when applying for jobs in the future.

Among this year’s government-based Graduating Projects we can find the following:


Government Agency


Daniel Portrait
Daniel Uzoigwe
Canada fisheries and oceans logo MFRE

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Developing an economic analytical framework for decision making on fishery resource allocation between competing users of the resource - commercial harvesters, recreational anglers and Indigenous People's Food, Social and Ceremonial use.

BC minisry agriculture logo MFRE

BC Ministry of Agriculture

Applying a systematic methodology to review publicly available information on government and private sector-driven agricultural adaptation in B.C. with the aim of cataloguing all climate change adaptation initiatives that have been implemented or that are in the planning stage.

Kat portrait Vancouver port
Kat Jin
city of vancouver logo MFRE

City of Vancouver

Undertaking a literature review of best practices that encourage behavioural change within businesses in order to develop a campaign that encourages the voluntary implementation of practices, policies and training to reduce the occurrence of wasted food and associated GHG emissions within the grocery retail sector.

Yuki portrait Vancouver Fraser Port authority
Yuki Zhang
port of vancouver logo MFRE

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Indigenous Relations: A scan of strategic benchmarks for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Developing a strategic benchmark to inform long-range sustainability goal-setting for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Jay portrait
Joy Adejumo
farm credit canada logo MFRE

Farm Credit Canada

Developing an econometric model to produce a quarterly projection of farm equipment sales as a protocol to support future decision making for Farm Credit Canada.