During term 3 of the MFRE program, students undertake a Graduating Project in which they apply the concepts and skills they’ve acquired in their courses during term one and two.

This summer many students will be developing their graduating project by working with local and international organizations in the food processing and agribusiness sectors. Here are some examples of business based graduating projects for the 2019 summer.

Craft Grain is a highly innovative company who produces nutritionally enhanced flour by upcycling waste grains from small batch breweries. A couple of students will be working with Craft Grain by developing a marketing and financial plan for their specialized products.

A second pair of students will be working with Holy Napoli, a Vancouver based company that produces high quality frozen neapolitan pizza. These students will develop a cost-benefit analysis of a market expansion to the US and China, as well as a market research project for each of these markets.

Other companies partnering with the MFRE program this summer are Wise Bites, Faculty Brewery, Granola Girl, St. Jean’s Cannery, among others. Students will be performing diverse methods of marketing, financial and economic analysis. Some of these methods include new product development, market research, consumer behavioral analysis, survey design, as well as profitability and cost-benefit analysis. By the end of the program, students will have the expertise to become skilled managers or consultants in the food processing and agribusiness sectors.

Read more examples of what an MFRE can do on our Graduating Projects page.