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    What is the MFRE Graduating Project?

    The Graduating Project is the final component of the MFRE program and takes place during Term 3 (May to August). It is a 6-credit courses designed to give student a professional learning experience. During this 4 months, students complete a project in which they apply the concepts and skills they’ve acquired in their courses during Terms 1 and 2. Towards the end of the project students submit a set of deliverables and present their results in a public presentation to a panel of faculty members, industry partners and alumni.

    Graduating Projects provide students with a high-quality professional learning experience by:

    • Providing all student an opportunity to apply their knowledge into the real world.
    • Providing a unique 3-month opportunity to fully immerse into knowledge areas or subjects students are passionate about.
    • Helping younger students transition into the workplace.
    • Helping students with work experience transition into a new role or new industry.
    Grad Project Student with Partner


    Graduating Projects Paths

    Graduating Projects can take many shapes and forms as long as they fulfill the learning objectives. Students can choose to develop the project on their own by performing research guided by MFRE faculty on a topic they are interested in, or can choose to work with a Project Partner through a formal internship, consultancy, or any other scheme.


    Grad Projects Diagram

    What is a Project Partner?

    A Project Partner is any organization that has agreed to provide a Graduating Project and work with the student toward its completion. These organization can be from the public, private or academic sector, including:

    • Entrepreneurs, Startups & Established Companies
    • Consulting Firms
    • Government Agencies
    • NGO's
    • Universities

    2020 - 2017 Graduating Projects List [PDF Download]

    A Symbiotic Relationship


    Project Partners provide students a high-quality learning experience and in return obtain valuable insights, quality deliverables, and the opportunity to assess potential future employees.



    Students are able to apply their academic skills into the real world and gain valuable professional experience from Project Partners, all while bringing a set of highly relevant skills into the projects.



    MFRE students bring a highly relevant skill-set into Graduating Projects 




    Strong Quantitative and Business Skills


    Evidenced-based Decision Making Processes




     Academic-based Research Skills


    Economic Assessment



     How are students supported during their project?


    MFRE student with professor

    MFRE staff provide dedicate 1-on-1 advice to plan a graduating project opportunity that meets their particular interests and learning objectives.


    MFRE Project Managers cultivate industry & agency relationships to ensure there are project opportunities with selected Project Partners to which students can apply, and allocate the right student to the right project.


    Professional development workshops -proposal writing and research questions, voice & speech, interview skills, business research, and presentations skills- help students develop their project proposal and master the professional skills required to complete it successfully.


    Students have weekly advise from a designated faculty member throughout their project, and are coached by MFRE staff mentors individually and through small groups that facilitate discussion around their progress and results.


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