Masters of Food and Resource Economics Speaker Series

Open to the public. Please come join us!

The MFRE speaker series is part of the professional development program and is designed to show a glimpse into the complexities of ‘real world’ food and resource economics issues.

The speakers series aims to cover two main topics:

Food & Agribusiness
Provides students with the opportunity to interact with key industry experts from the food and agribusiness sector and learn about industry opportunities & trends, or the challenges in running an Agri-Food entrepreneurial business.

Resource & Environment
Provides an opportunity to interact with a range of people either influencing environmental policy, or shaping the natural environment through their activities. Guests are typically government officials, industry leaders, pioneers in resource management, academics or NGO representatives.

Next Speakers:

Mark Podlasly, Director of Governance, First Nations Financial Management Board

January 24, 2020 at 3:30pm, MCML 160
A Harvard University graduate, Mark has been at the forefront of governance and infrastructure issues, with extensive experience in the planning, permitting and construction of capital projects connected to energy, resource extraction and community infrastructure around the world. His core capacities include navigating energy and mineral extraction issues, community governance and wealth management, plus a gamut of related business and society matters. Mark owns Brookmere Management Group (BMG), a consulting practice focused on corporate/public policy strategy, strategic partnerships, and revenue sharing mechanisms related to extractive industries. Through BMG, Mark is engaged as the Chair of the First Nations Limited Partnership (Pipelines), a 16-First Nations $2 billion commercial partnership with Chevron’s Kitimat LNG project, and as an Economic Advisor to the First Nations Major Projects Coalition, a national 50+ Indigenous nation collective seeking ownership of major projects such as pipelines and electric infrastructure.

In addition, Mark informs Indigenous governments on the establishment of sovereign wealth funds/trusts to capture and invest revenue from resource extraction industries. He currently manages a seven-figure fund shared by eight communities. Prior to founding BMG, Mark ran a successful executive consulting practice in Asia, USA and Europe where he delivered corporate strategy, leadership, globalization programs for clients including GE, Unilever, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs. Mark is a regular speaker at global business/governance events including the International Finance Corporation’s annual sustainability conference in Washington, DC.

Bruce Turris, Fisheries Management: How Theory Becomes Operationalized

January 31, 2020 at 2:30pm, Henry Angus – Room 347
Bruce is an economist, but very much a practitioner. For the first 17 years of his career, he was an official with the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, in the Pacific region. He subsequently went into private practice, working very closely with industry as well as the government. He does extensive consulting work outside of Canada, as well as within, with examples being the US (both coasts), China and Europe.

Have a look at the “Overview” section of The World Bank’s The Sunken Billions Revisited, 2017.
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