MFRE Summer Program

The MFRE Summer Program is comprised of three main components: (1) an intensive microeconomic theory course; (2) an orientation program, including some field trips; and (3) a statistics review. The Summer Program is mandatory for all incoming MFRE students unless they have received an exemption from the MFRE Academic Director. An example of an exemption would be a student with a particularly strong background in economics, microeconomic theory, and statistics, with first class grades, and familiarity with UBC or a similar North American university.  If you fall into this category, and want to apply for an exemption, you can email Gabi stating your reasons why you believe you should be exempt from the Summer Program. Gabi will discuss your case with the MFRE Academic Director and get back to you. Most incoming students take the Summer Program, and most find it very useful.

There are several reasons why incoming students are required to take the Summer Program:

  1. To ensure that all graduates of the MFRE program have a command of intermediate microeconomic theory when they graduate with the MFRE degree.
  2. To enable students to “hit the ground running” when they begin classes in early September. The microeconomics course and statistics review serve as refreshers for students who have not taken courses in micro theory and statistics for a couple of years, and for students coming from different universities where the approach to teaching and learning may be very different than at UBC.
  3. To provide an opportunity for the new cohort of students to get to know each other, to meet the previous year’s cohort of students, and to meet the faculty and staff members who will be guiding them through the MFRE program.
  4. To help students from different academic and cultural backgrounds adjust to studying at UBC and living in Vancouver.
  5. To introduce students new to Vancouver to the Fraser Valley and the local food and resource sectors.

Microeconomics theory course description

The fee for the Summer Program (including the microeconomics course, orientation program, and statistical review) is $700 per student for both international and domestic students. The microeconomics course will be a four week intensive course, with formal instruction from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm most days during the month of August (more details here). Discussion periods and help sessions will be scheduled for some of the afternoons. Although the course will be non-credit, and the grade will not count towards your MFRE average grade, it will be examined and graded as if it were a regular UBC credit course. The MFRE program makes every effort to have this course taught by our regular UBC faculty members. Any student who does not achieve a passing grade of 60% or greater will be required to re-take the exam. It is not possible for students to “sit in” this course without doing the assignments and writing the exams.

Orientation program description

The orientation program takes place on the day after the exam for weeks one, two and three of the microeconomics course. The statistics review occurs on the Monday and Tuesday following completion of the microeconomics course and the orientation program. You can see the schedule here.