Current Students

Edith Ogboo Adinku
Edith has a strong academic background in Agribusiness and has had the opportunity to work with state owned and private research agencies in different capacities assisting in agricultural research work. She looks to MFRE for the necessary skills and knowledge which will help her in understanding and analysing pertinent issues in the food sector and solutions for current related problems in Africa and the world at large. After the successful completion of the program, she intends to strengthen and broaden the scope of her agricultural research consortium and subsequently pursue a PhD in Agricultural Economics.

Christine Bichsel
Christine graduated from UBC with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Commerce. In two past summers, she interned at Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands as a Performance Analyst. During my gap year after high school, she did a five-month rotational internship at UBS Wealth Management in Switzerland. She believes that MFRE will allow her to succeed in the business world and contribute to enhance sustainability, on both a local and global scale. After MFRE, she hopes to work for a multi-national, which will allow her to experience more of the world.

Tyler Betcher
Tyler holds a degree in Agribusiness from the University of Saskatchewan. During his studies, he was fortunate to study abroad for a semester in Australia where he was able to grasp the challenges and practices used by farmers there, in a much different environment. He decided to attend the MFRE program at UBC to further his knowledge and be a part of the next generation of professionals that will shape the future of Canadian agriculture.

Wei Siang Chan
Wei Siang graduated with an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and then pursued a Masters in Finance degree in Singapore. After graduation, he worked as a commodities analyst in a Dutch bank for a few years doing research and advisory, then as a trader with various agricultural commodities companies in Singapore. He joined MFRE hoping to a feel of the agricultural sector here in Canada and see the opportunities available.

Jie (Choco) Chen
Jie holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from UBC. After graduating, she worked for 2 years as a customer supervisor in an Investment Consulting Company. She gained an interest in food and resource economics during her undergraduate studies, where she had the opportunity to learn about the economics of nonrenewable resources.

Shushuo (Zoe) Ding
Shushuo graduated from the University of Victoria with a B.Sc in Economics, and has an interest in econometrics. She chose to pursue studies at MFRE in order to acquire and utilize economics knowledge and skills to solve real world problems. After completing the program, she aspires to become an economic consultant in the agriculture and resources sectors.

Haitian (Hayden) Fan
Haitian studied Economics and Mathematics at Dalhousie University. During his time at MFRE, he aspires to explore his interests in dynamic economic issues in food and resource sectors across the world and resource & environmental management. After building an advanced skillset from the program, he hopes to gain a position as market consultant in the food and resource industry.

Siru (Sherry) Guo
Siru graduated with a B.A in Economics with a minor in Commerce from UBC. The MFRE program appealed to her, as it includes intensive practices in Stata and Excel, which will allow her to build essential applied economics skills. The trading game component of FRE 501 (Commodity Market and Price Analysis) and the Graduating Project would allow her to apply advanced economics knowledge to real-world problem-solving. Siru is passionate about environmental economics.

Xinyue (Alice) Guo
Xinyue was born and raised in China and after spending a year in Ocean University of China in Qingdao decided to pursue accounting at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Following graduation, she undertook a three-month internship as a tax assistant in an investment firm and served as a food server in a small restaurant on campus. Xinyue believes that these experiences inspired her interest in food, agriculture and in particular, the restaurant business model. During her time at MFRE, Xinyue hopes expand her knowledge on agricultural business management.

Zhen Hao
Zhen holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Fraser Valley. His passion for applied economics and policy analysis lead him to pursue graduate studies in the MFRE program. After graduating from MFRE, he would like to explore industry research opportunities in the natural resource economics field, either through doing a PhD or possibly researching with Government departments or a public sector body.

Yaowen (Will) Hao
Yaowen has four years of working experience in the banking sector as a product manager, where he was responsible for foreign exchange derivatives, money market trades and capital market financing. Yaowen is passionate about corporate banking and hopes to expand his knowledge on entrepreneurship, financial issues and real estate issues during his time at MFRE.

Yueshan (Selena) He
Yueshan holds a Business Administration (Finance Concentration) degree from Simon Fraser University and has experience working in accounting and business management areas. She believes that the MFRE program is a perfect combination of applied economics with policy analysis and agribusiness management, which can help her reach her career goals of working as a consultant in a government organization engaged in formulating policies on food and resource areas.

Seongsoon (Aron) Kim
Aron studied finance at UBC, and has worked in business consulting, B2B sales, and a small start-up marketing agency during his post-graduation years. Aron chose to pursue studies in the MFRE program because he was drawn to it’s interesting approach in touching on various grounds of the agribusiness sector - policy designing, quantitative analysis (econometrics), and entrepreneurship aspects.

Jialu (Jewel) Li
Jialu graduated from the Sauder Business School at UBC in 2017 with a major in accounting. Different from other accounting graduates, I have not planned to pursue a CPA for my career.She worked as a part-time junior accountant in a small firm and is interested in exploring new fields of work as she pursues graduate studies. She is interested in conducting research in international trade relevant to food and agriculture topics. After MFRE, Jialu aspires to work as a financial analyst in the agricultural sector.

Xiang (Sherry) Li
Xiang graduated from Dalhousie University with a major in agricultural economics. She worked in a Nuclear radiation detection station which is part of the Environmental Protection Agency and was an research assistant in Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University. During her time at MFRE, she hopes to gain knowledge on agricultural commodity market analysis, and how to run an agricultural business company. She is excited to apply her knowledge on real world problems in food and resources sectors and wishes to work for a food processing company, a financial institution, or a government agency upon graduating from the program.

Yijing (Bridget) Li
Yijing Li attended a summer school program in University of Victoria in Canada and was introduced to the MFRE program by an alumni. She hopes to use the knowledge gained during MFRE to understand the links between economics, business and the food industry.

Yuyao (Candice) Li
Candice holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from UBC. During her time at MFRE, she hopes to gain further knowledge on the importance of food and resources in our lives.

Ying (Athena) Lu
As a finance graduate from BNU-HKBU, United International College in China, Athena has experience working with derivatives, money market trades and capital market financing at Standard Chartered Bank and in digital marketing and performance management for Estee Lauder. She chose to pursue studies at MFRE to apply analytical methods into food and resource markets and analyze the differences in the demand and supply of market in different countries. She is particularly interested in conducting research on agriculture development and sustainability and hopes to establish her own business in the future.

Linda Ma
Linda holds a degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University, Canada. After graduating, she worked as a junior accountant at a real estate company and at an agricultural company in China. Combined with her solid background in economics and passion for food and resources, she chose to pursue studies at MFRE, in order to further her knowlegde in applied economics. She wishes to work for government or at a financial institution after completing the MFRE program.

Olivier Mulisa Ntwali
Olivier M. Ntwali hails from Gatsibo District, Eastern Part of Rwanda. In 2008, he won a government scholarship to attend the National University of Rwanda where he studied Agriculture and majored in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Olivier has worked as a Research Assistant for HarvestPlus - a branch of CGIAR research program on agriculture for nutrition and health and got involved in its various projects in Rwanda. Prior to coming to UBC, Olivier was the Camps based Manager for FSDS-Rwanda, Environmental protection partner to UNHCR in Rwanda. He chose to study in the MFRE program because it aligns with his interests, as he wants to expand his horizons on Agriculture and food-related issues from a Global Perspective. He expects that MFRE will not only enable him to solve real problems in food and resource economics but also will feed his intellectual curiosity and position him for a career in the global food sector.

Jun Paul Obayashi
Jun graduated with a BSc (Hons) Global Resource System with a specialization in food and resource economics within the Asia Pacific Region from UBC. He is currently the Executive Director (Hiatus) of Innovative Global Development Foundation and a Greenest City 2020 Scholar for the City of Vancouver working on sustainable food procurement. During the MFRE program, Jun hopes to gain valuable skills that he can apply to economic analysis of sustainable food systems, so that he may continue to pursue his personal goal of experiencing the achievement of SDG#2 Zero Hunger in his lifetime.

Adebusola Deborah (Debbie) Oyenuga
Debbie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Her research interest lies in food security, poverty alleviation, trade policies, climate change and its effect on the environment. She has worked at the Bursary department of Bowen University, Nigeria and was an intern with the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN). She joined MFRE to enhance her application of economic skills to food and resource problems and experience a unique professional approach to learning facilitated by experienced tutors. After MFRE, she would love to further her PhD studies or work for a financial or a food processing company.

Dania I. Romero Mata
Dania has worked in several fields after completing undergraduate studies in Food Sciences, including research and data analysis for the Innovation and technology secretary of the state of Morelos, followed by the National University of Mexico and a private consultancy. She chose to pursue studies at MFRE, in order to expand her knowledge on food processes and resources. After graduating from the MFRE program, she hopes to work in private consultancy in the advisory area.

Nathan Ruff
Nathan holds a degree in Resource Economics and Policy from the University of Saskatchewan. During this time, he gained practical experience in the professional world through an internship with Saskatchewan Capital Network. His strongest areas of interest are resource/environmental economics and public economics. Nathan joined the MFRE program to further her expertise pertaining to his interests, to learn more about how his interests can be applied to different sectors, and to gain hands-on experience through a work placement in an industry of intrigue. After the MFRE program, he aspires to work in the public and/or private sector, or pursue PhD studies.

Rodrigo Santistevan Montero
Rodrigo was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance and is preparing to obtain a certification in International Trade. He started looking for a master’s degree that could provide him with a new set of skills and knowledge to complement his professional and entrepreneurial experience and that would help him accomplish future goals. Therefore, he chose MFRE because it combines global markets and policy analysis in the food and resource sectors with agribusiness management. After the MFRE, Rodrigo would like to expand his career as a business developer and/or business consultant in the global food market.

Cheenar Shah
Growing up in Kenya and studying and working across several countries has been crucial to shaping Cheenar’s interdisciplinary interests. She holds a BSc. in Agriculture and Environmental Science from McGill University, with a focus on biodiversity, conservation and psychology. Before joining the MFRE, Cheenar worked for the Climate Change Adaptation Research Group and has also worked for the United Nations, completing internships at UNEP headquarters in Nairobi and IFAD offices in Washington D.C. Her passion for the environment and firm belief in economics to achieve its conservation underpins her desire to pursue the MFRE.

Jennifer (Jenny) Thomson
Jenny grew up in Calgary, Alberta and completed her undergraduate degree in International Business Management from the University of Lethbridge. After graduating, she worked as an analyst in oil & gas marketing and trading for a number of years. Jenny is passionate about sustainability and food systems and hopes to work for an NGO, working internationally, after completing the MFRE program.

Jiaoping (Michelle) Wang
Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Resources and Economics from the University of Alberta. She was an active volunteer for Jizhou seed company in China and at her previous university. She joined MFRE because she believes that it will allow her to gain more knowledge and skills related to food resources areas, particularly in food trade and food policy. After the MFRE program, Michelle plans to go to China and work for a food processing company or the government.

Wantong (Michelle) Wang
Wantong graduated from the University of Victoria with an honours Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Business minor. Her areas of research interest are in agribusiness management, resource economics, and applied econometrics. During her co-op work with H&R Block as a Tax Professional, she consulted with clients and assisted in tax preparations. Wantong hopes to gain professional skills and real-life practice in economics during her time in the MFRE program and aspires to achieve her goal of becoming an analyst in agri-food industries.

Xuewen (Crystal) Wang
Crystal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UBC. She chose to join the MFRE program as she believes that it is well-suited to her specific interests in the field: applied economics and policy analysis. Upon graduating from the MFRE program, she intends to have completed significant analytical work for commodity economy industry.

Junchen (Jake) Wu
Jake graduated his a degree in Economics and his main interests lie in renewable resources. Nowadays with the fast rate of exploitation of finite resources, he believe it is a good time to start planning on how we use global resources efficiently. After graduating from the MFRE program, he plans to take the knowledge and skills he gained to start a business related to renewable resources.

Meixian (Victoria) Wu
Victoria graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She chose to pursue studies at MFRE in order to gain deeper insight into applied economics and specifically, to predict and analyze agricultural products. She has experience working as a research assistant in China Renmin University and at Dongxing Securities Co Ltd., as an assistant security analyst in agribusiness sector. Victoria’s hopes to become a professional commodity trader and a specialist in agricultural sector for investment banks and she believes that the MFRE program is the best match for her career plan.

Xiaowei (Angela) Xu
Xiao Wei Xu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University. Last summer, Xiaowei was given a chance to work as an intern at the Planning and Mining Department of a mine company and the experience provided her with an opportunity to learn how resource can be economically and sustainably exploited in real life. She decided to join the program of Food and Resource Economics because it is a brand new field to research and the knowledge that is obtained from this program can be applied in real life. After MFRE she hopes that she can work for government or start her business.

Chao (Chelsea) Zhang
Chelsea received her Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from UBC where she focused on Operations & Logistics and Business Technology Management. She also studied at Copenhagen Business School for half year as an academic exchange student. During her undergraduate study, she worked at YVR Airport Authority as an IT Coop Student. She believes that MFRE is a unique program which combines applied economics and agribusiness management and hopes to work for a leading company in the food industry or a consulting firm.

Jieyu (Jessica) Zhang
Jessica graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Economics. Her interests lie in environmental and resource economics, which inspired her to pursue higher studies at MFRE, in order to improve theoretical knowledge of economics.On completion of the MFRE program, it is her goal to work as an analyst or an economist predicting and analyzing economic trend and development in agriculture, food and resource industries.

Tianyi (Tiven) Zhang
Tiven’s previous academic field is in business and corporate finance. He has working experiences in both banks and securities company such as HSBC, Bank of East Asia and Founders Securities Co., where he gained knowledge on IPO process, derivative, debt issuing, etc. MFRE's courses include commodity market, financial market, and applied economics, which Tiven believes is a very good place to expand his horizon in the derivatives field as well as economic-based Excel knowledge. He is also passionate about applying agricultural-related knowledge to the overall financial market. After MFRE, he plans to work in a financial institution and is considering starting his own business and obtaining the CFA.

Zefang (Adam) Zhang
Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from BNU-HKBU United International College. In the previous four years, he has worked as an intern in Financial Markets Department in China Merchants Bank. By pursuing graduate studies at MFRE, Adam aspires to refine his academic focus and gain insight into the sector of agriculture economics. After graduation, he hopes to build a career in the food or resource industry and become an entrepreneur in the future.

Hao (Kevin) Zheng
Kevin graduated from the BIE (Bachelor of International Economics) program at UBC, where he attained comprehensive background knowledge about Economics and Commerce including international trade, empirical economics, international financial markets. The problems of food and resource economics are severe in so many nations and this trend will continue to grow, and Kevin is eager to develop his skills further and apply them to food and resource area. He believe MFRE program will serve as the ideal platform for him to reach his academic and professional goals.

Yanna (Rebecca) Zhou
Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s degree from UBC and after graduation, she worked for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as Client Advisor until the summer of 2017. She decided to join the MFRE program in order to better understand how environmental resources and economics can both efficiently sustain in society. Her plan after completing MFRE is to start her own business related to the food industry.

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