MFRE visits Donia Farms!


IMG_8754MFRE visits Donia Farms!

The MFRE students visited Donia Farms, a dairy farm located in Delta BC, featuring more that 800 milking cows. Donia Farms is ran by the Van Keulen brothers, the grandsons of the founder, who came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1950’s and saw a bright future in dairy. Guided by Jonathan Van Keulen, the students toured the farm to understand the different processes involved in obtaining milk, from the care and management given to a pregnant cow, to the milking process and the management of the product itself. Among other IMG_8783things, the group learned the importance of correctly managing feed to have the best possible nutrition while keeping costs in line. Feed represents the most important cost in a dairy farm and should be managed masterfully. Perhaps one of the most interesting topics discussed throughout the visit was the interaction of the supply management policy in the Canadian dairy industry, with an agribusiness operations and business strategy. Donia Farms has also successfully started to commercialize their own grass fed milk and dairy products such as a delicious Kefir flavoured with local fruits. Discussing about the motivations and implications of this strategic supply chain integration move, gave students the opportunity to learn how agribusiness can reinvent themselves by integrating, and the challenges and opportunities this represents. Don’t forget to visit our picture gallery!